Thursday, June 20, 2013

THE WANDERER by Robyn Carr

Book One in the Thunder Point Series
Harlequin MIRA
April 2013
Contemporary Romance
ARC Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher


When Hank Cooper or Cooper to his friends, finds out a friend of his has died and left him everything, he packs up and goes to Thunder Point, Oregon to settle the estate. A loner by choice, he never anticipates that Thunder Point would grow on him or that he would find love  in a sassy woman who is gun-shy as she is complicated in the matters of the heart. Sara Dupre is a woman burned by men and even though she doesn’t want to like or even trust Cooper, she finds his gentle nature, his protectiveness to those in need and the sparks that light up between them...well lets just say things are bound to get interesting. But Thunder Point has secrets and as the small town waits to see if Cooper will sell the prime beach property or stay, Cooper finds himself falling under the spell of a small town where everyone knows everyone and sometimes, finding that place to belong is in a place you never even thought of before. Welcome to Thunder Point, a town with small town charm and a place where the possibilities are endless.

I have to admit, I LOVED LOVED LOVED THE WANDERER by Robyn Carr. She is a new to me author and as my introduction into her new series set iin small town Thunder Point, Oregon, well lets just say I was lost the minute I opened the book. The writing was phenomenal, the small town charm came across the pages and I laughed, sighed and cheered along with the diverse cast of characters as I flipped the pages to see what would happen next. With an eye on details and character development, I found myself rooting for Cooper and Sarah as well as a few secondary characters who were introduced in sub-plots to find their happily ever after. The cast of characters is amazing and real life-like. You got the sexy sheriff, the diner waitress who hears all the gossip, the sex kitten real estate person and more. Plus they can charm the pants off of you as well. I never felt so connected to a series as I did to this one. I grew up in a small town so this was spot on several things (gossip, small town traditions, etc).

THE WANDERER introduces the reader to the residents of Thunder Point and we get to meet some amazing people there. I just wish this was a real place to visit. I bet the views are stunning on the hills and everything around the town. With the right amount of intrigue, romance and just plain fun, Robyn Carr delivers a story that will steal your heart and make you wish for more when that last page is read. I look forward to reading more in the future on Thunder Point and this author has just zoomed up the auto-buy list for me. I can’t wait to see what other great stories she has in her backlist while I await the next book in the Thunder Point series.

Run-don’t walk-to get this amazing book and settle in for an afternoon of reading pleasure.

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