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Carina Press, January 2012
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ISBN  978-1-4268-9294-3
Romantic Suspense


Author Katie Reus’ romantic suspense, HIS SECRET PAST is a confusing and somewhat off-putting government spy meets gunrunner meets long lost love story that just doesn’t quite ignite.

Alexis Baptiste is a single mom because her first big love disappeared one night six years ago leaving her pregnant and alone.  She has finally moved on with her life and is engaged to be married in a few weeks when Hunter Cassidy shows up just in time to thwart an attempt on her life.  Hunter has spent the last six years as an undercover DEA agent, posing as a gunrunner in South America.  After eliminating the very bad man who was his mission target, he goes on the run with damaging evidence of government corruption.  He never planned to come home to find his-ex with a child and ready to marry another guy.  But he also never expected Alexis to forgive him for leaving and he had no idea she was pregnant when he left her.

The cover of the book is enticing; a half-dressed hot man wearing leather set against a dark and mysterious back drop.  This reader was hopeful.  Unfortunately, the story just didn’t quite work.  While our heroine, who I actually liked and found a strong character with a lot going for her, knew her lover worked for the DEA, when he simply disappeared one night leaving her pregnant, she was understandably angry, left wondering and longing.  And while Hunter never expected this assignment to last this long, he did know he would be gone for some time.  So why didn’t he tell his girlfriend who he was deeply in love with that he had to leave for a while for work?  He was an inconsiderate and immature jerk.  Now he is on the run from some very bad people and where does he go, directly to her and her six-year-old son’s doorstep bringing all his baggage and danger with him.  For this we are expected to believe she would choose this jerk over a rich, handsome and doting fiancé who loved her son as if he was his own?  Incredulous!  This ridiculousness slowed the entire story down while readers were trying simultaneously to follow the strange government corruption angle that simply never made sense.  And while all of us might daydream about being reunited with “the one that got away”, very few would toss Mr. Right for Mr. WTF; I don’t care how hot he might be.  And even fewer would do it while entrusted with the upbringing of their young child. 

All that aside, the story was intriguing, the characters were multifaceted and emotions ran high.  There was suspense and a hot sexual connection.  Katie Reus’ HIS SECRET PAST just simply didn’t work for this reader.  You will have to judge for yourself if this romantic suspense works any better for you.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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