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The Dare Valley Series, Book One
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June 27th, 2013
Contemporary Romance
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For journalist Meredith Hale, her life went up in smoke the day her husband came to her and tells her he is leaving her due to her Nora Roberts expectations in a relationship. With nothing to lose, Meredith takes the job in Dare Valley for her family and is determined to prove her ex wrong; that there is too a man out there who is perfect for her ‘Nora Roberts land’ desire. What she finds instead is secrets and lies as well as a love that may just be her own Nora Roberts romance. The question is can Meredith separate the truth from the lies to get to the heart of the story?

I absolutely loved NORA ROBERTS LAND by Ava Miles. I love how this author delivers her spin on those books from premier author Nora Roberts, where romance and other fun stuff is all settled by the time the last page is written/read. Ms. Miles does a great job in creating a story that shows how much the heroine loves Nora Roberts books and how determined she is in finding her own small town hero of her own ala Nora Roberts. The writing is tight, story flows smoothly and the few twists and turns left me on the edge of my seat, waiting for baited breath for what happens next.

Meet Meredith Hale. She finds out her ex hates her obsession over everything Nora Roberts, feels she has based relationships on those books and he blames that addiction on why he is leaving her. All I can say is I really hated Meredith’s ex with a passion. Meredith is funny, strong willed and maybe has a bit of an issue on what a real relationship is like (not all hearts and roses it seems) but she grows on you as you continue to read NORA ROBERTS LAND. She is spunky, strong willed and definitely a woman you would love to meet for coffee or meet for a drink. Tanner McBride turns her inside out no way about it but Tanner hides a secret that may just doom his growing relationship with Meredith. The characters are the pure attraction for me here. They are diverse, intriguing, intelligent and just down right wonderful. I swear I wanted to go meet one for coffee myself. Ms. Miles definitely delivers a strong cast of characters to fall in love with and I am no exception.

The romance between Meredith and Tanner is hot and sexy yet you get a sense of these two belonging to one another. Add in danger, an ex that won’t just go away and more…well you get the idea that chaos comes aboard and the reader is left flipping pages just to see what happens next for them all. NORA ROBERTS LAND is a fun solid romance story that does Ms. Roberts credit in it’s homage to this wonderful author in her own self. I really am looking forward to reading book two and hope I won’t have to wait forever for it. If you enjoy a story full of madcap characters, a strong, engaging storyline then you will enjoy NORA ROBERTS LAND. I look forward to seeing where this author goes in the future.
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