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ROSE HARBOR IN BLOOM by Debbie Macomber

Sequel to The Inn at Rose Harbor
Ballantine Books
August 13, 2013
Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction
Electronic ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via netgalley

For Inn keeper Jo Marie Rose, the change of pace, scenery and more was the perfect balm to her heart after finding out her husband’s death overseas. Now, Cedar Cove is becoming more like home and Jo Marie enjoys her days at her bed and breakfast very much. Her neighbors are becoming good friends and she finds the less frantic pace much easier to enjoy. Now with a rose garden in the works, Jo Marie settles in to welcome her latest guests to the Inn. The healing she experienced at Cedar Cove is about to work their magic on these unsuspecting people who may just find the healing balm they need as they weather life’s twists and turns.

I absolutely adore Debbie Macomber’s books. It doesn’t matter where they are set, her books always manage to make me feel like I am coming home after a long journey as well as keep me highly entertained till the very end. In her amazing sequel to The Inn at Rose Harbor, we see what Bed and Breakfast owner Jo Marie Rose is up to, plus we learn about her new guests-each with a story and journey of their own. The author handles the many different characters with wonderful poise and the reader is drawn into the world that is Cedar Cove. I got to admit, I was thrilled to hear this author was returning to her magical Cedar Cove again in this new series yet was centered on different area of the town. The many characters in the Cedar Cove series drop in and I loved catching up with them.

Meet Jo Marie’s Guests this time around. First we have Annie Newton who is organizing and throwing her grandparents a fiftieth wedding anniversary party along with a renewal of vows for friends and family. The path to the party is not smooth to say the least. A rejected ex is determined to get her back, her childhood nemesis is determined to shake her world up even more and her grandparents can not stop bickering. Needless to say poor Annie is stressed to the max. Then there is Mary Smith. Once a high powered businesswoman, being diagnosed with Stage Three breast cancer has left her reeling. She regrets leaving the one man she has loved deeply for her career but will she take that step to reconnect with him before the weekend is over? I love, love, love Ms. Macomber’s characters. They are very well written, have faults and more to appeal to the reader and you get a sense of who these characters are deep inside. They fairly leap off the pages and I was glued to the e-reader, flipping pages eagerly, as I raced to see what happened next for all these magical characters.

A ROSE HARBOR IN BLOOM is a wonderful addition to the Cedar Cove series as well as a stand alone novel. Ms. Macomber delivers an emotional yet wonderful read that leaves you smiling in the end. The characters are multi-dimensional, the writing is tight and story flows so smoothly, I was lost within the pages in a matter of minutes. Compassion and joy await all who come to Cedar Cove and stay at the Inn, not just for Jo Marie but also for her guests. I can’t wait to see where this author goes next in the series. I just hope I am not waiting a long time for the next installment of the Rose Harbor Series.

If you enjoy emotional, character rich storylines then you need to run-don’t walk-to grab this new book by Debbie Macomber. I can attest that whenever you pick up a book of hers, you feel like you are coming home after being away a long time. This is a perfect summer read on a lazy afternoon.

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