Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Covered up With Gordon Osmond


Beach or Mountains?

I love both oceans and lakes, and, being a Scorpio, I tend to do nasty things in them. My preference between the two depends on whether I’m on a salt-free diet at the time.

Volleyball or Surfing?

Volleyball. It tends to be less embarrassing when performed poorly.

Bain De Soleil or Coppertone?0

I used to use Coppertone, but tired of being bit in the butt by that little mutt. Now, having checked with my dermatologist, I prefer a lightweight armor.

Bikini or one piece? Always the compromiser, I prefer a one-piece bikini.

Atlantic, Pacific or Mediterranean? 

I like warm waves and have found the best ones in Brazil and Hawaii. The Caribbean is warm enough, but too placid. The Mediterranean is lively enough, but too rocky.

Whose book (not one of yours) are you looking forward to reading this summer?

Stalked, by James F. Broderick. If it’s not yet out, I’ll re-read his Now a Terrifying Motion Picture.


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