Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fever by Maya Banks

Publisher: Berkley Books
Date published: April 2013
ISBN: 978-0-425-26706-6
Reviewed by Gabrielle
Obtained via publisher


In this second book of the Breathless trilogy we get Jace and Bethany’s story. She comes into the Jace’s life and turns it upside down. When Jace spies Bethany bussing tables he knows he has to have her. Jace has always shared women with Ash but Bethany is different. Jace does not want to share her at all and the two men must find a way to work through this and keep their friendship strong. Can Jace keep Bethany and still have his friendship with Ash or will he loose both?

Once again Maya Banks brings us a great couple in Bethany and Jace. Bethany has overcome a lot of things in her life including being homeless. She is a strong woman who has fought for everything she has. Jace is a moody and intense man who never thought he wanted to settle down until he meets Bethany. The two made a nice couple. I enjoyed seeing the softer side of Jace as he begins to let it out with Bethany. The two share one night and Bethany is on the run but Jace is not letting her get away. He searches until he finds her and fights for her love and asks her to do the same. This is a fast paced story of a fairytale coming true. Bethany is living a hard life and a chance meeting brings her a prince charming in Jace. Both must learn to trust each other and grab love while they have the chance. This book has equal amounts of angst and happiness and even a few laugh out loud moments. I loved that the even through all of this the three men still retain their strong bond of friendship. Jace and Bethany’s story takes the reader on a delicious ride and I cannot wait to read Ash’s story.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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