Thursday, August 1, 2013

Finding Master Right by L.A. Witt

Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Date published: June 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62649-031-4
Genre: Male/male romance; BDSM
Book format: E-book
Obtained via: Publisher Gift
Reviewed by Keldon__


Chase is attending a leather conference, hoping to pick up some tricks to add to his Dom repertoire along with a few new toys of the pain-inflicting variety. He’s still feeling a bit vulnerable from breaking up with his last sub, Ian. A hotel full of hot men in leather and harnesses is almost a waking fantasy—but it’ll take one man to complete Chase’s dream scene, the one sub who will never want Chase as a Dom: Derek.

Derek, a sub at Chase’s club, is rooming with Chase. As far as Chase knows, Derek is at the conference to meet Master Raul, hoping to catch the Dom’s eye. To Derek, apparently Raul is the ultimate Dom, and Derek wants to be his perfect sub.

The night before the conference, things heat up in the hotel room, and Chase and Derek have “vanilla sex.” It’s their first time together, and Derek doesn’t want anything from Chase other than a straight fuck, which leaves Chase both hurt and confused. He’s wanted Derek forever, and instead of getting a shot at dominating Derek, Chase gets shot down instead.

Derek was thrilled to get an opportunity with Chase that night, telling himself keeping things vanilla was the way to go; after all, they had to get up way too early to leave for the conference, and Chase’s scenes could go on forever. Chase’s near silence on the nine hour drive the next day convinces Derek last night was a big mistake. At least Derek hadn’t gotten a taste of being dominated by Chase before the cold shoulder, or Derek would have been too pissed to room with him.

Thus begins a week-long odyssey through the leather-con. The plot is trademark L.A. Witt, as are the characters. Emotion flows off the page from Chase and Derek, and their silent longing for each other is palpable. The BDSM scenes are okay, but not unique. It’s the obstacles to them ever being together kept me reading, and the book ends with a satisfying sigh. It’s the type of read that keeps me coming back to L.A.’s books over and over. Definitely one to read again.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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