Friday, August 23, 2013

Marriage A Home Series Celebration by Cardeno C.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: June 2013
ISBN: 978-62380-753-5
Genre: Contemporary
Obtained via publisher
Reviewed by: Marieke

This is a collection of short stories from all the books in the home series to celebrate the overturning of DOMA.

For ‘Love at First Sight’ Jonathan and his son Sam are going to ask David to marry them. Sam blows the surprise but of course that doesn’t change the answer of David.

It’s a very sweet but very short story. That might be my only complaint, it’s very short.

Home Again. Noah and Clark are very happy together and nothing will ever change that again, not even the right to get legally married. Noah doesn’t need someone else to tell them what they are to each other.

This is a typical Noah and Clark story, very straight to the point but also very loving. But just like the others, way too short when you like to know more about what happened to the characters from the Home Series.

Just What The Truth Is. Micah and Ben have a family now and that turns out to be very hectic. They both love it and wouldn’t change a single thing. 

Mica has a surprise for Ben and takes his away for a night to ask him to marry him, now that DOMA has been overturned.

This is a very romantic little story. Very sweet and funny.

The One Who Saves Me. Caleb and Andrew have bought a house together and try to manage the parents from both sides during the holidays. Their lives are pretty much what they want it to be. Andrew doesn’t believe in marriage and doesn’t want to get married, which Caleb understands completely with the marriage Andrews parents have.

This was maybe the only story I was a bit disappointed in, I had truly hoped Andrew would overcome his fear for Caleb. But the love is still there, so all is well.

He Completes Me. Aaron is a romantic and Zach knows it. Zach used to be a cynic, but slowly he’s turning into a more romantic version of himself. He knows that when DOMA is overturned and marriage is legal for them, Aaron will want to tie the knot as soon as possible. He arranges almost plans the whole wedding in advance. 

Zach and Aaron are my favorite couple, in the home series and in this anthology. They are so funny but so sweet together. This story is again written in the typical Zach and Aaron style, very well done.

Where He Ends And I Begin. Jake and Nate have a peaceful live with their daughter. They are happy. The news about DOMA does not really change anything for them, because they got secretly married in New York a year before.

It’s kind of a disappointment but also not. The fact that there is no one falling on his knee to pop the question for one of the strongest couples in the series is kind of sad, but the again they secretly eloped which is so romantic.

All in all this is a wonderful collection of short stories. The fact that they are really short is the only bad thing I can say about it.

This is not an endorsement of this book. This is an objective unbiased review.

 Cardeno C

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