Friday, August 2, 2013

THE EYE OF GOD by James Rollins

A Sigma Force Novel, Book Ten
William Morrow
June 25th, 2013
Historical, Contemporary, Mystery/Thriller
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-Purchase

When a US military research satellite crashes in the remote region of Mongolio, a fear is born when the US researchers and Sigma Force go after it as it shows a future picture of the Eastern coast of the USA in flames and rubble. Is this picture the satellite took an anomaly or one that predicts the destruction of the world in less than four days? It will take the combine forces of the elite Sigma Force led by Commander Gray Pierce as well as Vatican historians who race to find the satellite and see if they can beat the clock. Four days and counting…can Sigma Force and its allies get the answers it needs before time runs out?

Wow as I write this review up, I am in absolute awe over this author. James Rollins is a masterful storyteller, one that weaves historical facts as well as science into his thrillers to keep the readers glued to the pages till the very end. I can attest that his books can draw me in like no other can and leave me on the edge of my seat with twists and turns in the storyline making me gasp out in shock. Mr. Rollins’ latest Sigma Force novel delves into ancient prophecies, a glimpse of a future that may or may not be true and your token bad guys trying to get to the goods as well. But what is a bit different is the relationship the characters have with one another. Gray finds himself dealing with his feelings for former double agent Seichen and seeing his former girlfriend, Rachel, brings up memories he finds confusing. Plus we got to meet some new characters as well that added to the mix and brought different perspectives, strengths and more to the story. This is an author who knows this world like the back of his hand can slide right into it as he draws the readers in and delivers some amazing character growth with each book in the series. I loved meeting up with my old friends in Sigma Force as well as meeting some new ones who intrigued me with their unique skill sets. The writing is top notch and delivers a story so intriguing, so thrilling, you can’t put it down. I know I didn’t…not even to eat something.

THE EYE OF GOD delivers a one-two punch as your beloved characters find themselves at a crossroads in life, as they race against the clock and find themselves outgunned at times. The author does an amazing job in keeping you glued to the pages and I felt a bit let down by the ending though I have to admit, it was an ending I sure didn’t see coming. James Rollins is one of those auto-read authors I have that whenever I find he has a new release coming; I count the days until it is out just to get my fix. Though I do caution you, this is a story that is best read in sequence of the series as you get more out of it and THE EYE OF GOD answers some questions left after the last Sigma Force novel, Bloodline, left unanswered. This is definitely one book I need to read again soon….especially after re-reading the Sigma Force books again before I pick this one up again. Run-don’t walk-to grab this intriguing book and settle in for an afternoon of madcap theories, edge of the seat thrills and more when you pick up a Sigma Force Series novel. Now the question is, can James Rollins top his newest story?

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