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Avon Books
June 25th,
2013 978-0-06-223722-4
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher

Charlotte ‘Charli’ Brooks is determined to give Sweet, Texas a makeover but she never anticipates meeting Reno Wilder, a man who is as ornery as a polecat and just downright cranky. Charli is determined to show Reno that change can be good for the body and the soul…these two just never anticipated sparks flying between them or falling in love.

I never read Ms. Terry before but found Anything But Sweet to be a fun, light hearted romance that was a perfect beach read on a sunny afternoon. The writing is tight with a fast moving storyline to keep the reader engaged to the see what happens next between Charli and Reno. The cast of characters are quite intriguing and very enjoyable. I loved how Charli was as determined to show Reno how even a little bit of change to Sweet, Texas is a good thing as Reno tries to resist the temptation that is Charli. Two very strong willed persons that are about to find that love is the most unpredictable force of all.

looks to be the set up of a new series by author Candis Terry with the introduction to Reno and his brothers and the small town of Sweet, Texas. I loved the small town charm that came across the pages and felt the author does a great job in capturing that element within the story. Charli was warm, enjoyable and quite relatable. She was a wonderful character to root for while I flipped the pages to see what happens next between Reno and Charli.

What didn’t work for me was Reno’s tragedy. I mean the way he was in the book at times had me wondering if he needed to go in a dark corner and rock back and forth. He was a bit too much up and down personality wise and frankly, I felt Charli shook his world up just at the right moment. Once these two started verbally sparring on everything, well you could see the sparks flying fast and furious between them.

The secondary characters were a gem and I loved how the author has a possible future books set around Reno’s brothers. ANYTHING BUT SWEET is a charming tale with a captivating cast of characters and a small town charm that had me eager for more of Sweet, Texas. Ms. Terry does a wonderful job in her introduction to this great town. Now if only I can find it on the map to visit. If you are looking for a good summer beach read then try ANYTHING BUT SWEET and settle in your hammock or beach towel for a fun filled ride as you laugh, sigh and smile till the very end. I look forward to seeing what else this author has coming in the future.

This was an objective review and not an endorsement

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