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BIG SKY WEDDING by Linda Lael Miller

Date Published 2013
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley


Brylee Parrish has avoided any and all weddings since the day of her infamous now non-wedding day when her then fiancĂ© called off the wedding right before she walked down the aisle. To say she was gun shy is not even the least of it. Throwing all her energy into running her business and finding peace with what happened with Hutch, Brylee is unprepared when she meets Hollywood’s Zane Sutton. The man everyone in Parable, Montana is sighing over and if Brylee is honest with herself, she is smitten as well. From his easy charm to the way he interacts with his younger brother, Brylee finds herself falling under Zane’s spell. Zane came to Parable to the ranch he bought to escape Hollywood and all that it entails, to relax and just find what he is missing in life. What he doesn’t expect is sexy neighbor Brylee Parrish to turn his world upside down. Can Zane get Brylee to understand that he is there to stay? Can a love thet is forged between them be able to stand the pressures of life and careers even as two hearts entwine with one another?

I absolutely adore Linda Lael Miller’s western stories. She brings the stories she creates alive with captivating characters, engaging storylines and more all with the flick of her fingers. In this fifth Parable, Montana story, we find that Brylee Parrish is front and center this time in BIG SKY WEDDING. We met Brylee and her infamous wedding back in Book One and I always hoped she would get a story of her own with a hero that was worthy of her and her love. Ms. Miller delivers a story that will grab you by the heart strings and keep the reader on a roller coaster of a ride from start to finish. Wi8th her trademark style, she delivers a story that leaves you breathless as well as smiling in the end. The writing is tight; story moves at a fast, even pace and the depth of the characters are astounding. We meet past characters from the first four books as well as a few new ones like Zane Sutton’s housekeeper who had me in stitches the moment she walked onto the page. Add in some hunky cowboys and a few new characters to be intrigued by, well, you can say I was itching to yell ‘ROAD TRIP” to my girlfriends just to see if these guys were real. The characters are well written, multi-dimensional and very charismatic though at times I wanted to smack a few of the secondary characters who seemed to be quite cranky.

This is an author who lets her characters shine and shine they do. From Zane’s easy going personality to Brylee’s desire to be loved for her and not for the multi-million company she founded and runs. Each character delivers something to the story as well as steals your heart with their charm, smiles or just plain sex appeal. I can not just pick just one character to rave about as the whole cast of characters gives the reader something to enjoy no matter what.

With her trademark style, Ms. Miller delivers another satisfying addition to her Parable, Montana series and I for one, hope she continues this series for years to come. She created some amazing and diverse characters that left me eager for more when I turned the last page of each of this series books. BIG SKY WEDDING is a satisfying read that had me smiling at times as well as chuckling like crazy over Zane’s younger brother’s antics. If you are looking for a wonderful contemporary western story to enjoy on a lazy afternoon, then this is a perfect series to devour. I do recommend reading from the first book onward as you get a sense of all the characters and their hints of a backstory.
BIG SKY WEDDING was a wonderful gem of a story and I can’t wait to see who is next in Parable to find love. I just hope I won’t be waiting forever for the next book in the series.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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