Thursday, September 12, 2013

Covered Up With Patty Campbell


Beach or Mountains?

Mountains, definitely. Since we moved to Florida, I really miss seeing mountains on the horizon.  

Volleyball or Surfing? Sorry, being a girlie girl, I prefer watching sports. I can spend more time admiring all those hot men who participate.

Bein De Soleil or Coppertone?

Personally, I use an umbrella, and like a Vampire, I often don’t go out until sunset.

Bikini or one piece? One piece. I think they’re sexier. Call me old-fashioned – I can take it.

Atlantic, Pacific or Mediterranean.

How about the Caribbean? Warm, clear and calm.

Whose book (not one of yours) are you looking forward to reading this summer?

The Best Man, by Kristan Higgins.



LynnetteAustin said...

I have to agree with you, Patty, about the sun. I think I must be at least part vampiress, too. My skin just won't take it! Great book!

Anonymous said...

That lovely photo was taken in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Some of the action in Once a Marine takes place there. Beautiful at any time of year. I miss it.