Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A LITTLE TO FAR by Lisa Desrochers

Publisher:  Harper Collins
Date published:   October 1, 2013
Genre:   Romance
Format:  Paperback
Obtained via:  Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Angie angie@angieonline.net


Lexie Banks has confided in her step brother, Trent for years.  He has been her best friend since their parents married a few years prior.  When she ends a long term relationship and finds herself on the rebound he is her rock – until they end up having sex in her bedroom one night. 

Lexie finds herself racked with guilt and they agree, it cannot happen again.  She flies to Italy where she is spending a year studying art and still cannot get Trent from her mind – and her heart.  She feels like a relationship is wrong, but cannot forget him.  She hates the way she has no one to confide in her feelings about, but knows they will not understand. 

Raised Catholic Lexie finds herself in a church confessional laying it out there to God in hopes she can find peace with in herself.  When the priest gives her penance of helping a “to-be” priest while a children’s ministry she finds herself in deeper – can she be in love with two men, both of whom are forbidden?

A LITTLE TOO FAR is a novel based on what SHOULD be, not what sometimes happens.  Lexie is a young woman with many decisions to face that leave her troubled, hurt and vulnerable.  She is an amazing leading character because her feelings flow from the pages making readers want the best outcome for her – whatever it may be.  Trent and Alessandro her “priest friend” are both amazing guys in their own way.  While they both come with baggage, they would make great husbands in their beliefs, honesty and integrity.   Honesty is a huge part of this novel making it feel REAL.  Each of the characters is true to their word and feel like people you want to surround yourself with.  I truly become a part of the story line, waiting and hoping Lexie could come to terms with her feelings – either way.

My concern with this novel was not about the writing, the characters or the background.  I felt like the entire plot should have been more “young adult” than adult fiction.  Yet the writing, the sex scenes are definitely aimed for more adult consumption.  The characters are young enough to relate to teens – I felt like this should be more aimed for college kids.


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