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A Goddess Summoning Story
December 7th, 2010
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by Dawn (love2read28@gmail.com )
Obtained by Publisher
2 Hearts

When her car plummets off abridge, Isabele finds herself trapped between life and death. When a water goddess comes to her and gives her the chance to live again, Isabele jumps at the chance except there is one tiny detail she needs to do…..go back in time and seduce the legendary Lancelot away from Queen Guinevere. But the moment she steps back in time and sees King Arthur, well lets just say Isabele is finding keeping her word to the water goddess hard. Especially since Arthur rings all her bells like no other man has. But a promise is a promise and Isabele is determined to live up to her end of the bargain. She just never anticipated on falling in love.

P.C. Cast usually leaves me breathless whenever I pick up one of this author’s books but in GODDESS OF LEGEND, well let’s just say I was quite disappointed in the entire story. I can honestly admit I was puzzled about where this author was going in this latest Goddess Summoning story. The characters fell flat as pancakes, the writing was full of slang that a teenager would use, not a older adult and the story just had too many tropes tossed in. Okay, toss in a fight so main characters can make up in three paragraphs later. Check. Add in one dimensional characters that went nowhere. Check. All this and more just kept me from really enjoying the book. Her previous Goddess Summoning books were delightful, the characters quite entertaining and I loved the interactions between them. With this cast of characters, I wanted to tell them all to knock it off and just walk away from the book.

I am disappointed that this latest Goddess Summoning story wasn’t as strong or an enjoyable as her previous ones was. As much as I wanted to enjoy Isabele’s adventure into Camelot, the fact was I preferred to read her earlier books in the series rather than this messed up one. Overall, this authors books normally are quite entertaining and give me hours of reading joy but GODDESS OF LEGEND just didn’t ring my bells like they normally would when I read one of this author’s books.

If you enjoy a time travel urban fantasy story than you might enjoy GODDESS OF LEGEND. For myself, I plan to read her earlier stories in the series and let myself enjoy those rather than try to read this one again.

This is an objective Review and not an endorsement

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