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I-Team #6
Berkley Sensation, November 2012
paperback from publisher
ISBN:  042525495X (ISBN13: 9780425254950)
Romantic Suspense

Pamela Clare’s STRIKING DISTANCE is a page turning tale of survival, healing, passion and military pride.

After a whirlwind affair with handsome Navy SEAL Javier Corbray, TV reporter Laura Nilsson spent eighteen months in an Al Qaeda compound after being kidnapped on live television.  The world, including Javier, thinks she is dead.  But when a burqa-clad woman runs toward the helo and safety of the SEALS at the end of a deadly mission, Javier discovers what really happened to Laura.

Pamela Clare’s STRIKING DISTANCE is a contemporary military romantic suspense that highlights the horrible atrocities committed in the name of Al Qaeda.  Laura has been beaten, raped, and brainwashed to the point where she barely knows her name anymore.  When she ran toward that helo and help, she didn’t even remember giving birth to a baby girl while held captive.  And then when she finally begins healing, she testifies against her kidnapper and ends up with a terrorist hit put on her.  Thankfully, the handsome SEAL she could never forget shows up back in her life, determined to keep her safe and give her a reason for hope.

Pamela Clare’s STRIKING DISTANCE has it all.  It has action, suspense, high speed drama, mystery, romance, healing, terrorist threats and handsome Navy SEALS.  Is there anything more a fan of military romance can ask for?  This reader thinks not.

Laura is a strong but deeply emotionally scarred woman who is doing her best to heal, but her past refuses to let her go.  Javier is the one who got away, came back to save the day and win Laura’s heart.  He is strong, capable, and not afraid to tangle with tangos.  And he is in love with Laura.  Lucky girl.

The story pace ramps as Laura heals and her romance with Javier begins to unfold.  Their chemistry is explosive.  The twists and turns that lead to the emotional ending will have readers riveted to the book.  Sensual and addicting, STRIKING DISTANCE and its characters stay with you long after the last page is read.  Go Navy!  This reader can’t wait to read the other books in this enthralling series.

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