Friday, December 27, 2013

ALL SAID AND UNDONE by Angelita Gill

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Date published: 27-Aug-13
ISBN: 978-1-61333-579-6
M/F, erotic, contemporary
Reviewed by Helen
Obtained via publisher
Rating: 4

Grace and Jack Crandall no longer live together. Whenever they happened to be in bed at the same time, the passion was fiery and fulfilling. But Jack was married to his job and to continually moving up the corporate ladder, so make-up artist Grace accepted more and more work contracts to fill her time as well. But trouble brings Jack back into her house and into her life. Will this turn into a second chance, or just bring more disaster?

The reality today is that many young couples have lives like Jack and Grace’s, where work comes first on their agenda and diverging career paths can make a romance or a marriage hard to keep on track.  They do seem to have a quite shallow knowledge about each other, or even misconceptions about their partner, but that too can be blamed on their lifestyle and the speed of their original romance.

The author manages to pack quite a lot of story and drama into the 33,000 words, as well as some great emotional self-development and a good understanding of what motivates each of the main characters. Grace and Jack are the kind of people the reader wants to hug one minute and slap upside the head the next, which ensures the reader won’t put the book down any time soon.

Ms. Gill has done a great job of crafting an engrossing and entertaining duo, set against a realistic and understandable Gen Y world.
The book was well edited with very few tiny typos or errors.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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