Wednesday, December 4, 2013

CHRISTMAS ON MAIN STREET by JoAnn Ross, Susan Donovan, LuAnn McLane, Alexis Morgan

Publisher:  Signet/Penguin
Date published:   November 1, 2013
Genre:   Romance
Format:  Paperback
Obtained via:  Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Angie

Tis the Season… Four amazing authors take us to their small towns to enthrall us with holiday cheer.

JoAnn Ross’s Shelter Bay opens CHRISTMAS ON MAIN STREET with a classic love story about two old friends who live in Shelter Bay.  Christmas in Shelter Bay brings us Kelli who has had a crush on her brother’s friend Cole for their entire lives. Last year she thought she has a chance with him until he asked another woman to marry him in public and broke her heart.  While his engagement did not work out, she is not too embarrassed by her public humiliation when she realized the ring was not for her…  When their families team up to play matchmaker, this pair find themselves in a cabin together, all alone – snowed in.

Ms. Ross’s return to shelter bay may well be her best trip there ever!  She gives us a glimpse into happiness with a truly classic romance tail that will leave you sighing in love.  Her characters are fully developed, with personality that leaps from the page.  Her setting is a small town, with enough local charm to make any reader feel the holiday spirit.

SUSAN DONOVAN leads us to a small town for A Seaside Christmas called Bayberry Island.  When Nathaniel Donovan arrives there to do a documentary about a local mermaid legend, he is tired of his job, tired of the novelty of filming in odd locations and sure the legend is some kind of joke. However, when he arrives amidst a Nor’easter and gets snowed in with Annie Parker, a local woman, he finds that the legend may just have some truth buried somewhere.

Mermaids and legends are not usually this reader’s cup of tea.  Ms. Donovan however left me smiling and wanting more.  While the story opened slow for me, by the end I was not ready for the tale to finish.   This was a first adventure for me into Bayberry Island, but Ms. Donovan has hooked me, and come December I will be looking for my copy of her next book, Sea of Love. 

Mistletoe on Main Street brings us back to Cricket Creek with LuAnn McLane’s clan.  This talented author has a character whom left home years ago with big dreams upon becoming a famous baseball player.  When he never made the big league, he lost his way and could not come home.  His father’s failing health brings him home and leads him back to his first love Ava.  He has to figure out how to win her over and make her believe he never forgot her.

Ms. McLane is an amazing writer whose tales come to life.  Ava and Clint are characters who come from the pages and pull at your heart.  I am a true fan of Ms. McLane and just loved this short novella.  My only complaint was that it ended… Some books should go on forever!  It is a fairy tale romance with a happily ever after.

Alexis Morgan returns to Snowberry Creek and Bridey’s pastry shop.  Seth is living in town and hiding from himself.  His creative muse has taken a leave of absence and he needs to recover and find his mojo to go on as a famous artist.  When he tastes Bridey’s treats and discovers she needs someone to build her shelves, he finds himself offering more of himself than planned.

Ms. Morgan has created a town that I need to find.  Every one of her Snowberry    Creek novels leave me delighted and wanting more.  Her characters are realistic, they have become an extension of my family, I find myself waiting for each novel to hit the shelves.  Nothing in this holiday fairy tale could be better!  This novella must be listed upon my top 3 reads for 2013 – and I can’t wait until More Than a Touch hits shelves in January!

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