Thursday, December 26, 2013

Safe by C. Kennedy

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Date published: October 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62789-346-4
Genre: Contemporary, M/M
Book format: E-book
Obtained via: Author
Reviewed by: Marieke

Caleb Deering and Nico Caro have known each other since they were ten. They fort kissed when they were twelve and have been together ever since. They love each other deeply and unconditionally.

Caleb knows that Nico’s father beats him on a regular basis. He tries to help Nico as much as he can, but he can only do so much.

Nico is small and slender, kind of pretty. His boyfriend Caleb is his opposite and he feels insecure and a bit inferior about himself. Caleb however adores him.

Then one day, someone sees them kissing at school and all hell breaks loose. Caleb and Nico’s dad’s are asked to come to school and after a talk with the principal Nico gets dragged off by his father. Nico ends up in the hospital and Caleb knows he needs to take action, now.

This story is told in flash backs, so you get to read the boy’s entire history together. They are the sweetest and most loving boys ever. Even though they are both insecure at times, Caleb mostly because of his young age.

Nico is another case. His father beats him so often and talks in a way that the boy has no self-esteem anymore. Luckily he has a doting boyfriend who takes care of him as much as possible.

The story about their first meeting, first kiss and first sexual experience is such a romantic one, so innocent and sweet. It makes the awful abuse bearable for the reader.
I personally loved this book. I would read it again and again, so yes definitely a must read. Only thing wrong with it, is that it was way too short. I wanted it to never end.

This is not an endorsement of this book. This is an unbiased, objective review.
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