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WHISPERS EDGE by Luann Mclane

Publisher:   Signet
Date published:   May 7, 2013
Genre:   Contemporary Romance
Book format: Paperback
Obtained via:  Publisher

Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina




After some rough beginnings and some time living on the streets and homeless Savannah Perry has finally found her place in the world.  As the social director and general all around gal Friday at the Whisper’s Edge retirement village she has a second of not just community but family.  There are the twins Camden brothers, Miss Patty and even a roving canine named Willie who gets himself into some sticky situations.  And then there is Savannah’s boss, Kate.  A bit older than Savannah they still share a close friendship.  The residents love Savannah’s craft times as well as her water aerobics.  She’s a girl who pretty much has it all.  All except a guy to come home to.  Not that she’s on the lookout for one.  Life is good as it is.  Yet one afternoon Kate suggests they had out to Sully’s for some dancing.  At first Savannah isn’t to keen on it but Kate finally convinces her to go.

There is one or two small hitches though…first, Willie, in pursuit of one of the Camden brothers’ tennis balls finds himself in the pool.  Savannah jumps in to save the rotund, rolly poly canine and she’s on her way to an easy rescue until a passer-by decides Savannah needs rescuing.

On his way to check out his recently purchased property Tristan McMillan spots Savannah apparently struggling in the pool.  He rushes to her aid, jumps in and pulls her from the water only to find out she didn’t really need rescuing.  Feeling bad about what has happened Savannah invites him to her condo to at least get his clothing dried.  Things turn a tad…interesting while his clothing dries.  When they venture into the Whisper’s Edge office Kate promptly invites Tristan to join she and Savannah for a bite of dinner and dancing.  That there is an attraction between the two is pretty easy for all to see.

Well…to everyone but Tristan and Savannah.  And part of the reason things are a tad sticky for Tristan is he has a secret.  One that keeps growing and becoming harder and harder to tell Savannah about.  Is it serious enough to cost him the chance of the love of a lifetime?  Or will she understand once the truth is told.

Luann McLane’s WHISPER’S EDGE starts out with a pretty entertaining scene with Savannah chasing Willie and ending up in the retirement community’s pool.  There were a couple paragraphs that had my laughing out loud because of the visuals Ms. McLane paints with her words.  Like the earlier Cricket Creek stories WHISPER’S EDGE gives readers two different couples, one younger, one older, to find each other and fall in love.  The couples have equal time and have their own issues to work through.  And it’s nice that she gives equal time and romance to older couples.  You may be over 40 or even 50, 60 and beyond but there is still time for romance in your life.  Ms. Mclane totally gets that.

After the initial opening though the story seemed to bog down.  I just don’t feel much emotion from her characters.  Savannah goes from this delightful, creative and funny character to kind of dumb and dull.  While she had a rough start in life, was homeless before coming to Cricket Creek and had to real stability in her life she really came into her own once she had the chance.  When she suddenly seemed to dumb down around Tristan I wondered just where that quirky character went.  And Tristan is supposed to be this powerhouse, but at times he seems rather milquetoasty. 

There are two love scenes in the book and I got the impression the author wasn’t comfortable writing them.  They seemed stilted and awkward.  Because so much of the book is warm and built around a closely knit, caring community I wondered at times if those scenes had been omitted if it would have been a fantastic young adult.  It’s the kind of story any mother would approve of her teenaged daughter reading.

There were chapters that were pretty much all telling with no emotion or showing.  It happened enough times that if the book hadn’t been for review I would have put it on the “do not finish” pile. 

The series has some wonderful characters and Ms. Mclane offers readers just enough backstory, well woven into the current story, so that readers can pick up the different story threads even if they haven’t read the earlier books.  It’s fun to catch up with characters you’ve meet before and Ms. Mclane doesn’t leave those prior characters to stagnate—their lives continue on and the changes in their status, lives and families are woven into the current story.

If you are looking for a sweet romance WHISPER’S EDGE is a good choice to pick up.




This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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