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BIG SKY SECRETS by Linda Lael Miller

The Parable, Montana Series, Book Six
December 31st, 2013
Contemporary/Western Romance
Electronic ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
4 Hearts

For tycoon Landry Sutton, living in Three Trees, Montana was as far as removed from his workaholic life as he can get. Deciding to sell his half of the ranch to his brother Zane, he was all set to return to his high powered workaholic life except he never anticipated finding Three Tree, Montana so peaceful or that meeting beauty Rie Manning would steal his heart. Growing and selling flowers, making a home for herself in Three Trees, Montana, Rie is finally finding the peace she needs until life throws a huge curveball in the form of Landry Sutton. With his gorgeous good looks, easy charm and more, Rie is determined to not like this bad boy but there is just something about him that draws her to him, like a moth to a flame. Can Rie forgive the past in order to accept what her heart is telling her? Can she find a way to let herself love again?

My lord, Ms. Miller’s latest installment in her wonderful Parable, Montana series is delightful in BIG SKY SECRETS. With her trademark style, this talented storyteller delivers a story about two lonely people who find that to accept all the trappings of love, you need to forgive the past in order to have that future you secretly dream about. The story is at times tender, funny, delightful and romantic all rolled up with a bow for readers to enjoy piece by piece. Add in some familiar faces to help the story move along as well had me smiling throughout the book repeatedly. With the right amount of sizzling sexual chemistry between Landry and Rie to Rie finding out a few things about her family, Ms. Miller doesn’t let the reader u p for air until the very last page is read. I got to admit, I was so enthralled with seeing this ladies man, Landry, fall in love with Rie; I lost all track of time. The story flowed smoothly, writing was tight and the author does a great job in creating life-like characters that run the gauntlet of emotions.

Meet Landry Sutton and Rie Manning. Two people who could be so wrong for one another yet both are just perfect for one another. Put together they click but apart, well let’s just say the first time I met Landry in Big Sky Wedding, I was not too thrilled about him. He seemed like a love ‘em and leave ‘em sort of person and Rie was a woman who came across as fragile. But with the right amount of seasoning, the author delivers two flawed characters who are just perfect for one another. Landry is all playboy tycoon, yet you get a sense of vulnerability inside of him that he tries not to show to anyone. Rie is still reeling from her late husband’s death yet you couldn’t help but fall in love with them both. The way this author creates her delightful cast of characters in this series had me glued to the pages of each book in the series. The characters are well written, flawed and had personalities that came across the pages immediately, from outspoken Miss Cleo to Landry’s butler-slash-friend, Highbridge, a proper genteel man who loved Rie like she was his own. Each character in the series as a whole and particularly in BIG SKY SECRETS, delivers something to the story, be it laughter, tears, wise advice and more. There was no one character I could signal out as my absolute favorite as all of them where just delightful.

BIG SKY SECRETS is fun filled ride from start to finish. With each page that I flipped, I was drawn more and more into this book until all I wanted to know was, Will these two stubborn people accept the love between them? And by golly, Ms. Miller delivers an ending that left me sighing in pleasure. The reader will not be disappointed in this latest installment of her latest series. Ms. Miller delivers a wonderful heartfelt story that will make you laugh, sigh and wonder where those hunky cowboys are in the world. If you are looking for a series that makes you feel like you are coming home after a long time away, well, grab any of this author’s works and settle in for an afternoon of reading pleasure. Now all I ask from this author is, will there be more in the Parable, Montana series in the future?

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