Wednesday, February 19, 2014

AUTUMN WHISPERS by Yasmine Galenorn

An Otherworld Novel, Book 14
Berkley Jove
Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4 Hearts

For the D’Artigo Sisters, life has gone to hell in a hand basket as they deal with war on two fronts, enemies and more. This time Delilah is center stage as she as well as her friends and family race against the clock to deal with several crisis’s that seem to come all at once. But when they get word that their homeland in the Otherworld is under siege and destroyed, life has changed without a moment’s notice. For Delilah must unleash her power as a Death Maiden to the Autumn Lord to someone she loves and the question isn’t who will win the war, but will they survive it to fight another day?

AUTUMN WHISPERS is one fast action packed ride from start to finish. With her trademark style, Ms. Galenorn delivers a story of a band of warriors who are pushed to the breaking point, no where to turn, no way of knowing if anymore of their loved ones are still alive and threats on all fronts. This time a two front war has begun-in the Otherworld and on Earth side-and it will take all their strength to make it to the next day. I absolutely adore this series. One it has some amazing cast of characters you can not help but fall in love with. The storylines draw you in and keep you glued to the pages and finally the lightheartedness at times in the story help balance the darkness growing around Delilah, Camille and Menolly as well as their small army of paranormal creatures and humans. Life as they know it is gone. What really makes me enjoy this series is how much the characters grow with each book. They show strength when they need to show it and vulnerability when they are surrounded by loved ones or alone. This makes them quite enjoyable to read and you can not help but want to give them hugs and tell them it will get better one day.

Autumn Whispers is a story of more than one woman’s growth as a person, a death maiden and more but also a time of change, flux as the sisters along side their allies fight for their worlds and Ms. Galenorn delivers one wild ride from start to finish. With each book I finish in this series, you can not help but want more. More of the side storylines that keep the main story from being so dark, to laughing as a scene fills you with joy and love of family, friends, lovers and mates come into play. AUTUMN WHISPERS is truly one of those ‘I got to read this again’ kinds of book. But I do suggest you start from the beginning of the series as each book builds on the last book. Now I need to know, what happens next for these wonderful characters and when can we meet them?

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