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A Weird Girl’s Novel, Book Three
January 7th, 2014
Paranormal Romance, Humor
Electronic ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (love2read28@gmail.com)
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
4 Hearts

Celia Weird and her sisters are different from the other girls around them. They are blessed-or cursed if you go that way- with a curse that gives them, well, unique powers. Now Celia is in trouble, deep trouble as she is bound to Aric, a purebred who has to deny Celia in order to keep his species from being extinct. Her love life is just another one huge complication she has going on at the moment. Another is she is now tasked to bring down demon terrorists who are bent at overthrowing the paranormal world. Yeah, life is just a tad complicated for Celia and ad din a surprise prediction from an oracle; well let’s just say Celia wishes she stayed in bed with the covers over her head.

I didn’t read the first books in the series but after finishing CURSED BY DESTINY, I am so going to get those. The author had me giggling-a lot- and left me flipping the pages like mad to see what happens next for Celia. I really loved the world this author created for the Weird Girl’s Series. Full of twists, turns, ‘oh my god what?’ moments that had my jaw dropped to the floor at times and I just lapped it up. Ms. Robson is a wicked good storyteller who knows how to keep her readers entertained until the very last page. The story moves at a nice, even pace, delivers a few twists I so did not see coming and the characters grow on you. There were a lot of nail biting moments as I tried to see what would happen next, suspense and lots of romance. The perfect mix to a story, if done right, that entertains you for hours on end.

Meet Celia and her sisters. They are normal twenty-something’s with just one little issue- they are cursed so they have some unique powers that make them, well weird. I really loved the dynamics between Celia and her sisters. You can feel the love they have for one another and the issues they deal in this book will change some forever. The characters are well written, enjoyable and some had me very curious on how they will play out in the series in the future. The secondary characters keep the story moving smoothly and had me entertained at times.

CURSED BY DESTINY is a perfect story to enjoy over along lazy weekend. Full of characters you just can not help but fall in love with, a storyline that pushes all the right buttons to enjoy and some laugh out loud moments that had my honey looking at me funny at times. Ms. Robson delivers a strong story that will leave you breathless and eager for more. Now all I can say is bring on book one and two and more adventures for Celia and her sisters.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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