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DARK WOLF by Christine Feehan

Dark #25
Berkley Books, January 2014
Hardcover from publisher
0425270793 (ISBN13: 9780425270790)
Paranormal Romance

The long awaited 25th dark novel by
Christine Feehan, DARK WOLF, is here and it is just about everything readers have been waiting for, a beautiful story of a love that has no bounds and the extremes that two people will go to in order to secure each other’s happiness.  Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, yes, this is Skyler and Dimitri’s story.

Skyler Daratrazanoff had an awful childhood of slavery and sexual abuse before she came to live with the Carpathians.  Since that time, she has had Dimitri in her life in one way or another, always there for her.  He is Carpathian, nearly immortal and ancient, holding onto his sanity and humanity by the thread of hope that is Skyler.  Knowing that she was not yet ready to be his mate, he has patiently waited for her.  She has always felt comfortable in his love.  It has sustained her and gave her strength.  Now he is missing and no one has been able to find him.  Even the mental path that has always been open between them has disappeared, yet she knows he is still alive.  And since no one will tell her anything and doesn’t appear to be doing anything about his disappearance, Skyler, along with her friends Josef and Paul, take it upon themselves to rescue him from the torture that is being inflicted on him by the Lycans who are slowly killing him for the crime of being a half blood.

Feehan fans have been waiting patiently (and some not so patiently) for Skyler and Dimitri’s story for over a decade.  At long last, that wait is over.  Just when you might think that Christine Feehan has run out of ways to make her Dark series fresh and new, DARK WOLF is here. 

Skyler and her friends are younger than most of Ms. Feehan’s lead characters and their outlook is fresh and without limits.  Skyler is headstrong and determined to save Dimitri and her friends go along with her because they don’t want anything bad to happen to her.  The story is funny in parts, shocking in parts, and a treat for the senses throughout.  The storyline further develops the offshoot with the Lycans and the half breeds and this adds to the overall Carpathian line of books that we have all come to enjoy so much (though admittedly may have been starting to wonder about until the last book, Dark Lycan, came out).  And of course, at long last, we have Skyler and Dimitri’s love story.  Unlike some of the other Carpathians who may have come across a bit too strong and demanding, Dimitri is strong, honorable, patient, respectful of his mate and swoon-worthy.  There are some minor things that might have been addressed differently such as Skyler’s sudden ability to simply put her abused past and rapes behind her just like that, but that is just nitpicking.

Christine Feehan’s DARK WOLF is well worth the decade long wait.  Skyler and Dimitri’s story is here and it is explosive.

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