Saturday, February 22, 2014

MIRACLE ROAD by Emily March

An Eternity Springs Novel
Ballantine Books
November 5th, 2013
Contemporary Romance
Paperback Advance Reading Copy
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4 Hearts

For Lucca Romano, arriving in Eternity Springs was just a pit stop. He was determined to numb himself to the point where one day blurs into the next. He just never anticipated the healing power of the charming small town or that his next door neighbor will get him to finally live again.

Hope Montgomery is determined to just keep living after the tragedy she endured as well as the break up of her marriage five years before. But when she meets Lucca, well sparks fly and these two wounded people find their way to one another. The holidays approach and it will take all the love and patience Lucca has to show Hope she is worthy of a second chance and a love that can heal her soul.

MIRACLE ROAD is a story about forgiveness, healing and friendship. It is about two wounded people who have experienced a loss so profound, both deals with it in a different way. Hope embraces living again, teaching and her small community while Lucca escapes into the bottle to numb his pain and guilt. Emily March delivers a story that will leave you breathless as you flip the pages to see what happens next. The story has moments of deep despair yet you can sense a lightness that comes across mid-way as Hope and Lucca find that love can be the most healing of power overall. MIRACLE ROAD is a book that has loss as well as new beginnings within the storyline. From a sub-plot with Lucca’s widowed mom to old friends having milestones, Ms. March delivers a story that touches your heart in many ways and you just can not help but fall in love with this magical town. Ms. March is a masterful storyteller who lets her cast of characters shine and shine they do in each of the Eternity Springs novels. They are well written, multi-dimensional and frankly, I want to go visit there just to meet these wonderful characters for coffee. It is a testament of a good writer when they can get the reader to fall in love with the characters and root for them all.

MIRACLE ROAD is more than man and woman meet fall in love and live happily ever after. It is about moving forward even as you try to move past adversity and pain. Hope and Lucca’s relationship is perfectly told, slowly building as they become friends then find they are falling in love with one another. The dynamic between these two just knocked my socks off and I, for one, was rooting for them to be together in the end. I really loved how Lucca dealt with his well meaning family and siblings, the parts with their mother had me giggling and I was thrilled to visit old friends from the past books as well. If you are looking for a cozy read on a cold winter afternoon, then grab MIRACLE ROAD and settle in for a long visit to Eternity Springs. I guarantee you won’t want to leave once you get there. Now the question is when is the next book out?

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