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FOUR FRIENDS by Robyn Carr

March 25th, 2014
Women’s Fiction
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained from Publisher via Netgalley
3 Hearts


Meet Geri, Andy, BJ and Sonja…four friends who have leaned on one another in the past, laughed, cried and are about to find that life is about to toss them all a curveball they didn’t even anticipate. Get ready to fall for these four friends as they learn, grow and discover what makes them happy.

I got to admit I love Robyn Carr’s books and finding her new release, well I was intrigued. FOUR FRIENDS follows the lives of Geri, Andy, BJ and Sonja; friends who live in the same neighborhood, have experienced life’s tests together and more at one time or another. Now life has something up its sleeves as all four find themselves tossed into the unknown as each woman deals with adultery, spousal abuse, families and more.

I got to admit, I was overwhelmed at times by the sheer scope of the crises these four were dealing with. I almost felt like saying ‘enough already’ after another crisis that had one or all the main characters in a tizzy. The characters themselves were an interesting mix of career women, health advocates and more. Separately I could see how these women dealt with what life threw at them. All together was enough to have me turning off my e-reader and shaking my head. Geri the take charge sort of woman annoyed me the most between her scenes where she spouted off on menopause, adultery and other issues continuously. I was ready by the middle of the book to tell her to go take a chill pill and relax. She was that annoying at times that I found I just could not like her very much. I really enjoyed the character Bob with his gentle personality that fit perfectly with the spunky Andy. These two became my favorite characters, not so much that Andy is going through yet another divorce and dealing with her son but falling in love with Bob who was the polar opposite to whom she has dated before. These two characters just stole my heart and I loved their scenes together.

The families of all four women also get in on the stories of each and we get to see their viewpoints and how these crises has dealt them as well as cost them. It gave the story a bit more punch in my mind when the author captured their reactions and more as the stories moved along. Lots of dysfunction, love lost then found again, families on the edge as relationships change and either bloom or fall apart; FOUR FRIENDS gives you all that and more with in its pages. This is one book that if you love Ms. Carr’s stories like I do that you could take it or leave it. It was one of those books I had to put down a few times but overall was a satisfying read in the end.

I look forward to seeing where Ms. Carr goes next in her writing journey. If you enjoy a story about friendships, family, love and faith that things will work out no matter what then grab FOUR FRIENDS and settle in for an afternoon of some enjoyable reading.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement.


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