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HOME TO SEAVIEW KEY by Sherryl Woods

Sequel to Seaview Inn
January 28th, 2014
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (love2read28@gmail.com)
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
3.5 Hearts

Abby Miller returns to Seaview Key to find the person she once was after her divorce and subsequent sale of a profitable business. Abby doesn’t want to cause problems but she longs to mend fences with old friends, find her place in Seaview Key’s small community and find out who she is. What she finds there is much more than even she bargained for when she meets paramedic and ex-soldier Seth Landry when he saves her from a near drowning.

Seth Landry is man with deep heartache and when he meets Abby, he finds himself drawn to the woman and finds her sweeping away the darkness of the past with her smile and more. Seth never anticipated falling for Abby when all he wanted was a casual fling with her but hearts have a way of knowing their other half and when Seth and Abby find themselves at a crossroads, can these two find a way to be on the same path together and let the magic of Seaview Keys heal their hearts?

Sherryl Woods is an amazing author who knows how to create such intriguing yet heartfelt stories that readers can not help but fall in love with her books. The writing is tight, story flows smoothly and the characters are delightfully enjoyable and quite life-like. I loved the matchmaking between Grandma Jenny, Kelsey and others in the book that it had me smiling and giggling as they gave Seth and Abby the third degree and threatened to step up their matchmaking between them. Seth in particular made me giggle whenever he got tossed in their crosshairs and got that panicky look on his face. It was priceless. I really loved the dynamics between the townspeople as well as the main characters.  The readers got to meet some new faces as well as some old friends from the first book, Seaview Inn. I loved seeing how Hannah, Luke and their family and friends from the first book were doing after that last page was read in Seaview Inn. Add in Abby, the old girlfriend of Luke’s coming back to town and man, you had some serious sparks flying fast and furious.

Meet Abby and Seth- two people with a past that has left them gun-shy and wary of falling in love. Seth Landry is hiding from the world in Seaview Key. Nursing the loss of his girlfriend, who died while both were facing combat overseas in the military, he hasn’t opened up to another woman since. Meeting Abby threw him as she made him yearn for a family, love and more. She swept the darkness he has nursed for so long away and showed him what lightness she would bring to him…that is if he took a chance on them. Abby is in hiding as well. From old friends, from the town, from everyone in Seaview Key. But with ambitious plans to develop her land she inherited and grow Seaview Key, she is determined to find the girl she once was and mend the fences she has broken. She just never anticipated meeting Seth and falling in love. I loved the sparks between Abby and Seth right from the beginning. They complimented each other and both gave to the other what they needed, even if they fought it tooth and nail until they gave in gracefully. The dynamics between the two were enjoyable to see and the reader was right there alongside them as they went from casual friends to lovers to something more. The ending was a delight as the author through in a twist that had me smiling from ear to ear. The secondary characters (new and old) kept the story moving nicely and left me giggling at times. Who doesn’t love a nosy matchmaking grandma or friend? I know I did as they kept the story light at times to balance out the heaviness of Seth and Abby’s demons they had to fight.

HOME TO SEAVIEW KEY is one of those charming easy reads that will leave you breathless in the end and a smile on your face. Ms. Woods delightful, emotional and funny and you just can’t help falling in love with Ms. Woods books after you read one. Now I am hoping we don’t have to wait long for her next book. If you enjoy a lively, emotional and enjoyable read, then take a chance on HOME TO SEAVIEW KEY though it is best to read the first book, Seaview Inn, first to get the back story behind Luke, Hannah and all the residents of Seaview Key.

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