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A KISS OF BLOOD by Pamela Palmer

Vamp City #2
Avon Books, June 2013
Obtained via:  publisher
0062107534 (ISBN13: 9780062107534)
Paranormal Romance
*** ½

Pamela Palmer’s second Vamp City book, A KISS OF BLOOD, finds human Quinn Lennox returning to the dreaded Vamp City, that she managed to escape in the first book of this series.  But the vampire world’s magic is crumbling and only Quinn has the power to restore it and free the vampires trapped within.  After being betrayed by the seductive Arturo Mazza in the first book, Quinn is more than reluctant to trust him when he comes for her.  But with her brother suffering from some kind of magic sickness tied to Vamp City and with her power emerging, Quinn makes the difficult decision to return to Vamp City.

Palmer does an incredible job of world building in her Vamp City series.  Vamp City is an alternate world version of Washington, DC, an 18th century parallel where the vampires rule, humans are slaves and/or food and it is always nighttime.  In addition to the vampires, other supernatural beings exist there:  traders, rippers and werewolves.  Though most of this world building is done in the first book, there is enough explanation in A KISS OF BLOOD for readers to get the gist.

This reader also thoroughly enjoyed the main characters, Quinn and Arturo, mainly because they are so not what one would expect from love interests.  Quinn is forced to rely on Arturo in the first book because she has no choice and even though he warns her not to trust him; she of course does and ends up being betrayed by him.  In A KISS OF BLOOD, Arturo is back and is fighting to win back her trust.  Quinn has been fooled once, she isn’t about to let it happen again so easily.  Though Quinn goes back in order to find a cure for her brother and help the humans stuck there, this book is mainly about whether Arturo can be redeemed and of course Quinn’s growing powers.

The thing I liked both most and least about A KISS OF BLOOD was the book’s ending.  It just sort of ends abruptly, leaving many things hanging.  Very clever Ms. Palmer, yes very clever.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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