Monday, May 26, 2014

THE MARRIAGE PACT by Linda Lael Miller

Publisher:  Harlequin
Published:   May 27, 2014
ISBN:  978-0373778706
Genre:  Contemporary Romance  
Format:  Paperback
Obtained via:  Publicist
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


It’s the happiest day of her life.  Truly.  In a wedding gown right out of a fairy tale Hadleigh Stevens is ready to say “I do.”   That is, until, Tripp Galloway storms into the church, stops the wedding, tosses her over his shoulder and carries her, like a sack of potatoes out of the church.

Hadleigh fights him.  Sort of.  After all, there’s not much you can do in a frothy white lace confection of a wedding gown.  Unsure what to do after his mission is accomplished Tripp stops for a burger and fries and has a little chat with Hadleigh.  When she asks him to return to Los Angeles with him he tells her the one thing she never expected from her erstwhile knight in shining armour—he’s married.

Ten years later Tripp is on his way back to Bliss County.  Even though he visited on and off over the years, he studiously avoided Hadleigh.   Aside from a smidge of, well not really guilt, but a bit of remorse? He has his own reasons for not wanting to run into his best friend’s little sister.  But this time Tripp is pretty much coming home for good.  When his dad, Jim, asks for help he cannot say no. 

Now, back in Bliss County and Mustang Creek, Tripp has to come to grips with not only his father’s health, but long buried feelings for Hadleigh.  And Hadleigh—well there are her feelings about the man who ruined her fairy tale wedding.  Are their feelings for each other really that far apart?

I was sad when Linda Lael Miller’s Parable, Montana series came to an end.  I just loved those characters and felt like they were friends and neighbours.  When her latest, THE MARRIAGE PACT, book 1 of the Brides of Bliss County series arrived I couldn’t wait to start it.  Ms. Miller does not disappoint. 

With her signature complex and well developed characters, breath taking scenery and well written and told stories she transports me to each locale and event.  Her characters as true to life and could easily be your own neighbours and friends.  In the this series three friends, Bex, Hadleigh and Melody make a pact to support, stand by and encourage each other on their path to the altar.  But they aren’t just good friends who cheer each other on – they are multi-dimensional and have their own ups and downs, especially with each other.  They help each other see past their own self-constructed walls. 

Ms. Miller’s characters are made even more endearing to me because of their love of their pets—taking in a stray dog, cat or even a horse. 

Now I have to wait for the next of the series—but have taken note that Christmas in Mustang Creek is due out in October.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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