Saturday, May 24, 2014

VELVET SCARS by Sean Michael

Publisher:               Torquere Press
Published:              March 19, 2014
ISBN:                     9781610406703
Genre:                   Erotica / Romance / BDSM / MM
Book Format:          E-book
Obtained via:          Publisher
Reviewed by:          Helena Stone,

Rating: 4+

His apprentice didn’t have to be his submissive as well, but it was Argon’s dream, to have his shop and his love all in one place. To be able to work together as Dom and sub in all aspects of life...”

Master Argon is looking for an apprentice to assist him in his body mods shop, but he wants a bit more than just someone to work with. The first few applicants are disappointing and sent away again within a few minutes of arrival.

When a very pale young man in robes enters the store and offers himself to Master Argon everything changes. Brother Yves has been sent from the cloistered community where he has lived all his life with orders to go and find his Master.

Argon is immediately intrigued by and attracted to the young man. Yves on the other hand is a complete innocent and scared out of his brain. He might trust the people who sent them to Velvet Glove and he may also have been dreaming about this Master for as long as he can remember, he is like a fish out of water in this world. Everything he encounters is new to him; from the variety of foods available, through clothes other than robes to intimacy and sex, it all comes as a confusing and scary novelty.

Will instant attraction, deep feelings of tenderness and patience from Master Argon combined with Yves wish to obey his orders be enough to bring the two men together or are the worlds they come from just too far apart?

I have to start by saying that while this is the second book in ‘Velvet Glove Resurrection’ series which appears to be a continuation of an earlier series, I did not feel I was missing vital information about the setting or the characters while reading this novella.

This was the sweetest BDSM story ever. When the book starts Argon appears to be a rather cold, calculating and intolerant man. That impression changes the moment Yves walks into his shop. The man who seemed rather unlikeable turns out to have a heart of gold and goes out of his way to make the young man who appears to be made for him comfortable and less afraid. I loved the patience he had and the gentle steps he took to introduce Yves to both the world the boy now found himself in and intimacy with another man.

Yves broke my heart at times. He desperately wants to please his new Master but is scared of everything he encounters, including tight pants. He has no idea about kissing, never mind any other form of intimacy and is convinced that most intimate acts are destined to make him ill. The combination of his eagerness to please the Master he recognises as the man he’s been dreaming about all his life, and his slow introduction to the delights of intimacy and sex was beautiful.

For a BDSM novel this story was very soft and sweet and that worked wonderfully. Yves natural inclination is to submit to the man in charge which means this story didn’t need the power play dynamic to establish who was in charge. Quite the opposite in fact. Yves didn’t need to learn to obey his master, his most important lesson was that he had the right to been heard, to have opinions, and to give and receive pleasure.

I loved reading about Yves seduction and appreciated that while it takes place over just a few days it didn’t feel rushed. And I liked the role-reversal. In this story it is not the sub hoping to bind the Master to him, it is Master Argon who knows he wants and needs Yves long before his ‘little love’ even starts to understand all the new emotions and sensations he’s experiencing.

Sweet, sexy and very hot this was a very satisfying read that left me a little bit sad when I my time with the two men had finished.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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