Sunday, June 8, 2014

SAM by Sean Michael

Publisher:               New Changeling Press      
Published:              May 1, 2014
BIN:                      06899-02222
Genre:                   BDSM, M/M, Erotic Romance
Book Format:          E-book
Obtained via:          Publisher
Reviewed by:          Helena Stone,

Rating: 4-

This is the seventh title in the Shibari Auction House series.

This title is the sequel to ‘Robin’ and starts where the earlier book ended. I would advise against reading this book unless you’ve read ‘Robin’ first.

As we read in ‘Robin’, Sam and his boyfriend Robin have auctioned themselves off for a week with a Master in the hopes of finding someone who can cater to both their needs. While Sam is cocky and hoping for a Master who will push his limits and inflict pain, Robin his timid and in need of a caring hand to build his confidence and show him he’s beautiful and worthy.

It seems that the two boys have hit the jackpot with Master Renard. He seems enamoured with them and to know exactly what both of them need and how to give it to them and stretch them beyond their boundaries at the same time.

The arrangement is only to last a week though. Is what appears to be an ideal set-up going to end when their time is up or are the ties they’re binding tight enough to keep them moving forward, together?

When I reviewed Robin in February I wasn’t too positive about the story. My main objection to it was that I felt it could have been so much more if it had been longer and the reader had gotten a bit more insight into the three characters.

Sam’ is the continuation of Robin and gives us more time with the two lovely boys and their dream Master. I can’t honestly say we got a lot more insight into any of these men’s characters or backgrounds. What we did get though was more time with three men who are beautiful together.

Sam and Robin are adorable in their need to look out for each other even while in the throes of passion. And I adored Robin’s journey. I liked the idea of Master Renard finding a way of showing the insecure young man that he is indeed beautiful and worth all the praise and love he receives. The moment when Robin is able to look at himself and appreciate what he sees was beautiful.

That happiness was beautiful on him” – Robin

Of course the story is almost like a fairytale. Two young men meet their dream Master, who knows exactly what they need from the first moment and all three of them find more than they dared hope for with each other. But it was impossible to read about Robin and Sam and the love they have for each other and not think that it was exactly what they deserved. This story fitted the characters like a glove.

This is a very explicit love story. The sex scenes make up the bulk of the story and don’t leave anything to the imagination. Again, this was something that worked because of the sort of story this was. The sex between the three men established their relationship and pushed it forward.

On their own both ‘Robin’ and ‘Sam’ would have been mildly frustrating stories. Taken together they make a rather charming, very sexy and delightful read.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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