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A Harmony Novel
April 1st, 2014
Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3.5 Hearts

Abby and Dusti Delaney has lived on Rainbow Lane their entire lives. But now they want something bigger in life. Dusti is determined to help her sister finish school so she hires Kieran O’Toole to teach her how to play poker. But sparks fly the m iute these two meet and as Dusti learns more about Kieran and follows her dreams, she finds life just got a bit more exciting right there in Harmony, Texas. Can she follow her dreams even as she falls for Kieran?

For Ronny Logan, he was finally settling in on Rainbow Lane and hoping to just chill out, not fall in love. But when she meets her neighbor Austin Hawk, well lets say all bets are off.. Can these two loners find a way to take the first move and see what their hearts are telling them?

I have to admit, author Jodi Thomas delivers another wonderful story in her enjoyable Harmony, Texas series with BETTING THE RAINBOW. I found myself enjoying the storyline as it seamlessly moves from the Delaney sisters to Ronny & Austin then back again as well as the town itself. This is an author who just knows how to keep the reader glued to the edge of their seats with each book in the series, as past and present characters drop in, new faces emerge and more. With each Harmony book you get a sense of coming home with each book. I love how this author wraps up sub-plot storylines of secondary characters seamlessly as well as introducing new ones to be intrigued by. This is an author who is a master storyteller who can blend seamlessly characters, storylines & emotions to make a story so rich in details and characters; it is hard pressed to put it down. The characters are all well written be it main characters or secondary ones. They fairly brim with life with such interesting and eclectic personalities you will fall in love with them after you pick up one of the Harmony books.

BETTING THE RAINBOW is truly a perfect summer beach read, one you won’t be able to put down. If it is your first time in Harmony or you are back for another visit, Ms. Thomas delivers a stand alone story that will intrigue you and make you fall in love with a town that you wish to visit. From the first time I visited Harmony in Welcome to Harmony, the author has charmed me with each book, intrigued me with a cast of characters diverse and quite enjoyable and storylines that melt your heart. This is truly one series I can’t get enough of. If you enjoy the books from Robyn Carr to Sheryl Woods, then you will definitely enjoy this series and this author’s books. Now all I can ask is when is the next Harmony book out?

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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