Wednesday, July 2, 2014

DOWN TO YOU by M. Leighton

Bad Boys, Book 1
Berkley Books, July 2013
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0062107534 (ISBN13: 9780425269848)
Adult Contemporary Romance

M. Leighton’s three Bad Boys books is a series not to be missed.  It is an artful combination of steamy romance, hidden secrets, mystery, adventure and even a bit of humor.

In the first book, DOWN TO YOU, we meet Olivia Townsend, a girl working her way through college and helping her father out when she can.  Olivia meets Cash Davenport, a bad boy bar owner at a bachelorette party and mistakes him for the entertainment.  Flirtation ensues.  Then she goes home and finds her incredibly self-centered and rich roommate cousin Marissa is dating Cash’s twin brother Nash (who is successful, reliable, passionate and taken).  They both show an interest in her.  She ends up spending time with both twins and realizes she likes different aspects of both of their personalities.  She even goes so far as to spend an erotic evening with one of them, without knowing which one she was with.  Cue the humor and Olivia’s stressful confusion.

DOWN TO YOU is filled with excitement, romance, mystery and confusion.  The story was thoroughly entertaining, the pace addictive.  The characters were well developed and interesting.  As the story switches between the three main characters’ points of view, readers are drawn into the story, even as they begin to suspect the truth.  The many story twists and turns keep the action ratcheting and the heat intensifying.  The writing style is crisp, witty and clever.  DOWN TO YOU is a great start to this contemporary romance series.  If you haven’t given M. Leighton a try yet, DOWN TO YOU is the book to start with.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."


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