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Publisher:               Dreamspinner Press                    
Published:               02/07/2014 
ISBN:                     978 1 62798 895 7
Genre:                   Contemporary Romance, M/M, Novella
Book Format:          E-book
Obtained via:          Publisher
Reviewed by:          Helena Stone,

Rating:                   4

This is the third title in Chemistry series but can without any problem be read as a stand-alone.

Brad Jergens is a science major and rather shy. When he notices Jordy Flemming both in the grocery store where he works and at school he is immediately attracted to the apparently happy and easy-going boy. But Jordy has a very hot boyfriend and Brad is convinced he doesn’t stand a chance.

When Brad goes on a cruise with his parents and his best friend Helen, he is amazed to run into Jordy. He is even more surprised when it appears that Jordy might be interested in him as well. With a little bit of pushing from Helen, Brad finds the courage to get closer to Jordy and it isn’t long before the chemistry between them sends sparks flying.

The weeklong cruise is over all too soon and although Jordy says he wants to connect with Brad once they’re back in school, Brad can’t help worrying that the amazing week might but just another holiday fling.

This was a charming story and a wonderful read. There was so much to like in this book. Brad is a charming character although very insecure about himself and shy. He is convinced he’s not really attractive and can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in him. When Jordi, the boy he’s been admiring from afar for months, finally shows an interest in him, it takes Brad some time to believe it is actually happening, to him.

Jordi was a fascinating character. On the surface very secure in himself he struggles with doubts about the relationship he’s in, which is going nowhere fast. I liked that he took his time to make up his mind, both about the old relationship and about Brad. And I liked how he made Brad feel better about himself.

I loved Helen, Brad’s best friend and co-worker. I adored the way she supported and encouraged Brad. She’s the sort of friend all of us should have; loyal to a fault as well as great fun.

Brad’s mother was another great character. I liked the way her ambivalence towards his homosexuality was treated. It wasn’t that she had a hard time with her son being gay. She just didn’t want to give up on her dream of a big wedding and grandchildren. It was good to see mother and son work out this really not very big issue in a warm and loving conversation rather than a big fight.

I did get a bit bogged down in all the detail of Brad’s day at times. I wasn’t convinced I needed the almost minute by minute and step by step descriptions of what he did and where he went. Having said that, it didn’t distract me from the story or stop me from enjoying it. I really liked the quiet and calm pace of this book. This story didn’t need shocks to be interesting and didn’t require major angst to keep the reader rooting for Brad and Jordy. Their romance was sweet and yet realistic while their issues were recognisable and appropriate to their age and circumstances. And when the two young men do get together they make a very hot couple without the book ever getting overly descriptive.

Overall this was a sweet romance and an ideal read for a lazy summer’s afternoon. Reading a book about a romantic cruise while sitting in the sun, really does make for a wonderful experience.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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