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HARD AS IT GETS by Laura Kaye

Hard Ink Series #1
Avon Books, November 2013
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Romantic Suspense

Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink series leads off with HARD AS IT GETS is filled with mystery, intrigue and a bevy of sexy ex-special forces soldiers attempting to clear their names.

This series surrounds the mystery of why Nick Rixey’s Special Forces unit was set up, covered up and left hanging with their reputations decimated and nothing but questions remaining.  In HARD AS IT GETS, Becca Merritt’s brother has been kidnapped and the only clue she has to his whereabouts is a note from him telling her to search out Nick Rixey and her father’s ex-military unit at a place called Hard Ink Tattoo.  Since Nick is under the impression that Becca’s father turned traitor to his unit and set them all up for a fall, he is more than reluctant to help her.  He is also very curious as to why the note points her to them.  But when Becca’s life is put in danger, Nick can’t stay on the sidelines any longer and finds himself reluctantly offering his help.  What ensues brings organized crime rings, thugs and danger to the men of Hard Ink, but it also might answer some very important questions that these men have about their last mission.

Laura Kaye’s Hard Ink series is off to an intriguing start with HARD AS IT GETS.  The characters are strong and likeable.  The mystery surrounding both the kidnapping and the overall story of what happened to Nick’s team make this romance hard to put down.  The comic humor thrown in throughout the book as well as the completely unnecessary to the storyline, but oh so endearing three-legged puppy, that makes an appearance serve as a welcome change to the usual edge-of-your-seat military romances.  It will be interesting to see if Ms. Kaye can keep subsequent storylines in this series as fresh and intriguing as Nick and Becca’s story while continuing to unravel the bigger story behind the story without losing momentum.  Hard as it is to wait for the next story, Hard As You Can, this reader looks forward to it.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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