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Book Three in Series
August 5th, 2014
Contemporary/Women’s Fiction
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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4 Hearts


For Krista Skye, life on a working dude ranch was pure bliss until her head wrangler got injured and she had to scramble for a replacement. Enter Wyatt Webb, the one man who broke her heart into a million pieces years before in college. Now she needs a wrangler and fast so she takes a chance on Wyatt and hopes that history won’t repeat itself.

Wyatt thinks working for Krista is a really bad idea especially with their history together but sparks fly between them as they work together for an upcoming county fair. Even as their relationship rekindles, the memories threaten to kill the relationship fast. Krista and Wyatt will have to take that one last chance to see if they can last a lifetime because this time, Krista is determined to have her own happy ever after...that is if Wyatt can take a chance on their love together or risk losing the one woman who had stolen his heart long ago.

I got to admit Jesse Hayworth is a marvel at making her readers think they are with the Skye family and their ranch with her series, Mustang Ridge. I was thrilled to meet some new faces as well as some familiar ones as well. I just love this series to pieces. I laughed, cried and then laughed some more while crying as I flipped the pages of HARVEST AT MUSTANG RIDGE and I got to admit I was rooting for Wyatt and Krista by Chapter three.

The characters take center stage here in the series and this time around we got Krista and Wyatt in the bulls-eye. I just loved the premise of second chances the author did for this installment. Krista and Wyatt had a really bad breakup so for Krista to trust Wyatt a little bit was a big thing. The author does an amazing job in showing what made Wyatt the person he is and how forgiveness and love can turn someone around. Wyatt and Krista are older and wiser (or so they hope anyways) and the author does a great job in showing their vulnerabilities as well as their strengths too. You got to see what happened with past characters of the first two books (Summer at Mustang Ridge & Winter at Mustang Ridge) and I loved seeing what happened after these characters stories were done. The author weaves a spell around you in her latest installment and I, for one, am eager for more.

HARVEST AT MUSTANG RIDGE is more than man meets woman and falls in love. It is about forgiveness, courage and second chances. Ms. Hayworth delivers a story that will tear you up then have you laughing several pages later. I do have to admit a dog named Klepto and a cow named Betty Crocker were such fun scenes. You just have to check it out since I refuse to say more about these two scamps. If you are looking for a series that has heart, great characters and strong storylines, then Mustang Ridge is the one for you. I just have one thing to ask this author- More Please!

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