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LOVE LETTERS by Debbie Macomber

A Rose Harbor Novel, Book Three
Ballantine Books
August 12th, 2014
Contemporary, Women’s Fiction
ARC Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
5 Hearts

For Jo Marie Rose, summertime is one of her busiest times of the year and this year was no exception. With new guests coming to the Inn at Rose Harbor, she is busy sprucing the outside up as well. In this she asks handyman Mark Taylor for his help in building an arbor for guests to enjoy. But Jo Marie knows surprisingly little about Mark and as she tries to pry answers out of him, her guests bring their own drama to the Inn. Meet Ellie Reynolds, a young woman about to meet her online suitor for the first time & Maggie and Roy Porter who try to repair a marriage as trust issues try to break them apart. This summer Jo Marie has her hands full even as she tries to deal with the loss of her husband among other things going on in Cedar Cove. But can a love letter make the heart once broken whole again? These characters will find out in the latest chapter in the Rose Harbor series.

I have to admit, when you open a Debbie Macomber book, you find yourself falling in love with the characters and the town of Cedar Cove. I am a long time fan of this author’s work and have embraced the spin-off of her beloved Cedar Cove series with enthusiasm. Her books are vibrant, character driven stories that draw you in and steal your heart, page after page until the very end. The story flows smoothly until the last page was turned and I was quite disappointed to not read any more from LOVE LETTERS. The story drew me from the first page and I got caught up with Jo Marie, Mark and her three intriguing guests as well as chracters from the Cedar Cove series popping in as well.

Meet Jo Marie Rose. Proprieter of the Inn at Rose Harbor, she has spent the last two years dealing with the renewed ache of her late husband’s demise overseas and trying to keep her chin up even as she ignores the pain of his loss yet again. But with three new guests and an intense curiosity for her handyman, Mark, Jo Marie finds like in Cedar Cove is about to get quite interesting even as she navigates her way through grief and more. I just love Jo Marie and her strength is her best characteristic followed by her love of people, baking and more. She is truly one of those wonderful people you would love to meet for coffee for a day and just chat about everything and anything. The characters in this series are so complex yet vulnerable that I couldn’t help feeling disappointed when I finished LOVE LETTERS. I wanted more! More from Jo Marie, from Mark and the wonderful characters that make up Cedar Cove as well as Rose Harbor. Add in the three latest visitors to the Inn …well you got some wild times to enjoy reading about. From past transgressions and a marriage under extreme stress to a young lady finding her independence finally and learning the truth about her parent’s marriage. Each is a wonderful sub-story in LOVE LETTERS that weaves itself around you even as you root for Jo Marie, Ellie, Maggie & Roy Porter to find their heart’s desires. The secondary characters help also to keep the story moving along nicely and left me running to go read the Cedar Cove series again.

LOVE LETTERS is more than a story of healing from the past but also about renewed beginnings as well. Ms. Macomber delivers another wonderful story set within her Cedar Cove series and full of amazing characters that you can’t help but fall in love with even as you flip the pages to see what happens next. If you enjoy some down home feel goodness in a story then run-don’t walk-to grab LOVE LETTERS as well as the first two books in the series (The Inn at Rose Harbor & A Rose Harbor in Bloom) to get the full effect of the series and meet all the central players as well. I am eager to see where this author goes next in the series as well who checks into the Inn with the next Rose Harbor Story.

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