Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Taking It All by Maya Banks

Publisher: Penguin
Date published: August 2014
ISBN: 9780425272985
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Gabrielle
Obtained via publisher

Rating: 3 Hearts

This new and last book in this trilogy gives us Chessy and Tate’s story. The two must find a way to balance their relationship and their lives. Tate is so focused on his business that it seems that he is leaving behind the fire and passion of their relationship. Chessy has needs of her own and begins to lose faith in their love. Can their relationship stand the test of time or has Tate let things go for too long already?

I enjoyed how this book wrapped up this trilogy. It was nice to get to read this couples story after seeing them in the previous two books. Not only do we get their story but the two previous couples are also in this book. We are given a look at where they are now and see them come to help Chessy in her time of need.

This story is an intense read with a very big problem with Chessy being put in danger. Some readers may not be comfortable with what happens to her but this is the catalyst that brings Tate back.  While I did enjoy this book Tate and Chessy are far from my favorite couple. I felt that Tate has much more to atone for and was let off to easily. He really should have known better and does not always stick to his word until something painful happens. Years are a long time to neglect something as precious as what they have. Chessy is not perfect either. She refuses to talk to her husband about her feelings for some time and does not push things as much as she should. Putting all that aside the two make a good couple. Their love is still there, it just needs to be rekindled and trust needs to be earned once again.

All in all this was a nice conclusion to this trilogy.  Readers are treated to each of the couples and their lives as they continue in their relationships.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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