Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cover Up with R.E. Mullins

Back to school favorite:  pens or notebooks?


I could give you my children’s preferences. Personally? If I can remember that far back, it seems I do recall being entranced with a pen that had several

colors built in. I remember writing out assignments, changing colors on a whim, until my instructor told me to knock it off.



Hiking or jumping in a pile of leaves?


Nowadays for me to throw my body into a pile of leaves, it would have to be pretty dog-gone deep. As a child, though, I did love hurtling into a pile of crunchy leaves. I liked lying there, almost buried in them, and inhaling their uniquely musty and slightly acrid scent.


These days I’d better stick to hiking. I loved the trails in Red Rock Canyon and Cheyenne Mountain when I lived in Colorado. My sons and I frequently hiked them. Now that I’m back in Missouri I’ll head down to Shoal Creek and walk along the river or scramble the rocks around the falls.


Love those fall colors. 



Halloween or Thanksgiving?


That is a tough one. I’d usually go with Thanksgiving. Hands down. I love the holiday as it is a time for family and food (two of my favorite things).

However, this year is going to be different. My children are grown and now scattered in different states. With work, time, and money constraints, I don’t believe we’ll be able to get together this year. 


This year, however, Halloween holds a special significances for me. My second book, Vampire in the Scrying Glass, releases that day. I consider this to be quite apt and fun. The storyline is set during the Halloween season, and it even has a masquerade party!



Hot buttered rum or hot chocolate?


Chocolate of any kind for me…come to think, I don’t believe I’ve ever tried hot buttered rum. Am I missing something here?



Who's book (besides one of yours) are you most looking forward to reading?


Wow, that’s another tough question. I just finished reading The Chase by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg. I believe the next in the Fox & O’Hare series releases in November. When I’m looking to walk on the naughty side—yet read something well written—I head toward Cherise Sinclair.

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