Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Covered Up with Jess Russell

Back to school favorite:  pens or notebooks?

Can’t I have both?? I’m a writer. :o) I guess if I had to choose, I would say pen. You can always find something to write on.

Hiking or jumping in a pile of leaves?

Hiking! My husband’s family has an old house in the Catskills. I love to hike. You can kick up leaves. You can watch them falling through the dappled sunlight. You can listen to them sush and crunch as you walk. And then you get to the view (there always must be a view) and have your picnic lunch with perhaps a little wine. That is my idea of a perfect day.

Halloween or Thanksgiving?

Wow, another tough question. I love Halloween but I think I have to go with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is like Christmas without all the angst and hoopla. You get to be with family, eat wonderful food, and reflect on the many blessings we enjoy. And then there’s football. (Not a favorite, but not terrible either.) I usually carve a pumpkin for the table’s centerpiece, and have a special apron and pilgrim hat, so I get to dress up as well!

Hot buttered rum or hot chocolate?

I can’t recall ever having a hot buttered rum, but I have to say just saying those words out loud makes me want to have one! Plus the fact that it must contain Rum!

Who’s book (besides one of yours) are you most looking forward to reading?

Joanna Bourne’s. Rogue Spy! Pre-ordered long ago! Can’t wait.

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