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SHARING YOU by Molly McAdams

Sequel to Capturing Peace
William Morrow
July 1st, 2014
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3.5 Hearts

For Brody Saco, his life was one of pure hell. When his girlfriend got pregnant he did the right thing, stepped up to the plate and married her so his child would have two parents. But tragedy struck and now Brody lives a life full of pain, hate and more emotional turmoil a sane person can go through. Meeting Kamryn Cunningham was the one bright spot in a life beaten down by actions, words and more.

Kamryn left behind a life of privilege and pain in a small town to open her bakery. She doesn’t have time for hook-ups, relationships or one sad eyed guy who stirs her emotions. But Kamryn isn’t a cheater and she refuses to be the other woman either. The more these two are together; the hotter the sparks fly between them. It will take the combined strength of these two people to weather the storm that is coming. Can Kamryn face her past and let go of it all to have a life with Brody? Can Brody find the strength to get out of a toxic relationship and let his heart heal with Kamryn?

SHARING YOU is one of those intense books that just floor you with emotions, rips your heart out and then hands it back to you on a platter.  Molly McAdams is a hit or miss author depending on the story but with SHARING YOU, I got pure emotional breakdown. I cried, I stewed, I growled and I rooted for two characters to get their own happily ever after. The book does have some issues-minor ones that added up in the end. One was the few sub-plots that just went nowhere. What happens after the lawyer issues threats? What about Kamryn’s parents or Brody’s wife? Where were those scenes? I am not sure if the author did this intentionally or not but it felt like those aspects of the story were just tossed in to keep the reader from guessing too fast what happens for Brody and Kamryn. Molly McAdams is a good storyteller that can capture my attention with one huge emotional story (like Taking Chances) and delivers a soul stirring, heart pounding ride from start to finish. SHARING YOU was trying to be that but at times, in my opinion, fell a bit flat.

Meet Brody and Kamryn. Two people who are damaged in some way, either by a toxic relationship or past family issues that make a person flee their small town in a hurry. Brody has been living in hell with his marriage and when he meets Kamryn, he finds a balm to his weary soul, a woman who refuses to do anything with him. He has never cheated but with Kamryn, Brody finds a level of peace he hasn’t felt in quite a long time. Oh boy is Brody one hero that is flawed in m ore ways than I can count. The author delivers an intense character with a wounded heart, one that draws the reader in little by little. And in the end steals your heart. I got to admit this author knows how to create some of the most amazing characters around. Brody is one of those alpha heroes who hide a broken heart. Kamryn is a woman fleeing her past and not looking for a relationship in her new town. What these two needs is each other and a little forgiveness. I loved the scenes between Kamryn and Brody, especially as she finds herself falling for him as she tries to resist. They are engaging, heart stealing wonderful. The cheating aspect I think was just used as a plot point and not really addressed in any way through the story.

SHARING YOU is stand alone titles so if you haven’t read Capturing Peace, don’t worry; this is an easy book to get lost in. The author does a good job in capturing her characters hearts and vulnerabilities perfectly as well as the effect an affair can have on a relationship. Ms. McAdams does a great job in capturing her characters perfectly-warts and all. I am thinking of grabbing Capturing Peace and then reading this one again. If you enjoy an emotional story with intriguing characters, a love triangle that makes you root for the one couple of your dreams, then grab SHARING YOU and settle in for one heck of ride.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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