Thursday, October 16, 2014

TEASE by Sophie Jordan

Ivy Chronicles Book Two
William Morrow
May 27th, 2014
New Adult Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3 Hearts

Emerson had three rules when finding a hook-up: Never let them see the real you, Never let your heart get engaged and finally, always leave them wanting more. Following those three rules, Emerson never had an issue finding a guy for a night. Until she meets Shaw and then all her rules fly out the window. He’s sexy as sin, bad to the bone and determined to see the ‘real’ Emerson. For the first time, Emerson is the one chasing after a guy, one who won’t settle for a one night stand or her practiced flirtations. What Shaw wants is the woman he knows is behind the flirty messages and teasing, the one who hides a pain that she thinks no one sees behind her party girl mask. Can Emerson find a way to let down her guard and let Shaw steal her heart while facing a past that has haunted her for years?

I have to say I didn’t read the first book, Foreplay, and I had a feeling if you didn’t read that one first, you might not have gotten as invested in the characters as others had. TEASE was one of those books that was either a hit or miss for me. At times I enjoyed the way Shaw made Emerson take the mask off and show him what she is behind it but other times, I just wanted to walk away and forget about all of Emerson’s drama. Sophie Jordan is a talented storyteller, no question there. The writing was tight and story moved smoothly. The sex scenes felt too over the top at times as well. I get that there are sparks between Emerson and Shaw but did they have to jump one another like rabbits? The author does a good job on dialogue and keeping the tension and angst ratchet up a notch in TEASE.

I had a hard time trying to rate this book after finishing it. Would it be better read after the first book? More than likely but overall, it was an okay read though with a few scenes that left a bad taste in my mouth and shaking my head in disbelief. The thing about this author is that she is consistent in keeping the story alive and well, flowing smoothly and to keep the reader entertained. TEASE is one of those ‘love ’em or hate it’ books and I, for one, am still thinking I need to pick up book one to see how these Ivy friends started out. I do have to say the title of the book captured the context of the story just perfectly. If you enjoy a fast paced story with characters that people can’t get enough of, then you might enjoy the Ivy Chronicles.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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