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A Thunder Point Novel, Book Six
Harlequin Mira
August 27th, 2014
Contemporary Romance
ARC Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4 Hearts

Seth Sileski had it all at nineteen. Pro Football contract, the golden boy of Thunder Point and the world at his fingertips…until it all crashed down on him in one moment from a terrible accident. Now years later he is back in Thunder Point as the new Sheriff’s Deputy and trying to find his way again. Iris McKinley was the one good thing he has never forgotten and mourned their falling out. Now years later he is back and wants to make amends. Except Iris doesn’t want to risk her heart again with the boy she loved for so long. Can Seth get Iris to forgive him and give him another chance?

What I love about Robyn Carr’s books is the feel of coming home whenever you open up one of her books. The stories are full of interesting and complex characters, real life situations and full of heart if you get right down to the nitty gritty of it all. I loved how Iris makes Seth jump through hoops again to win her heart but what I did have an issue with is Seth determination that Iris is going to forgive him regardless of her feelings on the matter. I felt Seth needed to grovel a bit more to win Iris’s heart but after awhile he began to charm me a little. I loved Iris a lot. She was strong, resourceful and had a good head on her shoulders even if she lost a bit of her independence when ever Seth would charm his way into her life. It took me awhile to really enjoy Seth and Iris together as a couple. I first thought they didn’t belong together after what happened to Iris by Seth when they were in High School. But over time, I changed my mind, especially after meeting some new characters who helped move the story along and give a chance to Seth to shine in his new and humble role as Sheriff Deputy of Thunder Point.

What makes this author’s books stand out in my opinion is her real life situations her characters go through and the characters themselves. They are diverse and quite intriguing as well as life like as you can get within the series as a whole. Her characters fairly brim with life, step off the pages and deliver some amazing scenes that just steal your heart. I loved the addition of Oscar and Flora. They gave Seth some really good scenes and wise counsel that left me a little bit in love with these two secondary characters. I also loved seeing some familiar faces in Thunder Point show up and see what happens in their lives after their stories ended. Just seeing those wonderful characters left a smile on my face at times.

THE HOMECOMING is more than boy comes back to hometown and succeeds, falls in love and lives happily ever after. It is about amends for the past, finding where to go for the future and seeing if you can have a future with the girl you dreamed about but was afraid to make a move in high school. It’s about finding the strength to take on situations that you know are wrong in whatever your capacity is and to show the future generations that working together and more is the right thing to do. Each time I open one of this author’s books I am amazed at how real she gets within the pages and I wonder how she will top it. I know I am not the only one who is eager to see what happens in Thunder Point next and hope we are not waiting long for our fix in this wonderful small town.

If you enjoy small town stories with characters that leap off the pages and steal your heart then grab a Robyn Carr novel, settle in for some amazing adventures with storylines that just leave you breathless. I look forward to more from this exceptional storyteller and can’t wait for more.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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