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Publisher:   Signet  
Published:   September 2, 2014
ISBN:  978-0451467928
Genre:   Romantic Suspense
Format:  Print
Obtained via:  Publisher  
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina


Chris Ford has moved to Sugarland, Tennessee where his cousins Shea and Shane Ford have made their home.  A detective with the Sugarland Police Department Chris has been off on leave for a time due to a strange illness.  No one was able to pin point just what was going on, but slowly but surely he was on the mend.  Just before he’s due to go back on duty he ventures out for a walk.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, he finds he is unable to make it back home.  Unfortunately because he is apparently still sick.  Fortunately because he finds himself rescued by a very cute young lady. 

Okay, Maddy Lassiter is way too young for Chris – after all, she’s only in grammar school.  But her mom, Dr. Robyn Lassiter is just perfect for Chris in more ways than one.  Robyn is not only pretty, she’s smart and well-liked by the rest of the staff at the hospital.  She’s also friends with Shea and when Shea invites her and Maddy to a barbeque it doesn’t like long for sparks to fly between Robyn and Chris.

While Chris and Robyn begin their dance of romance, Robyn also begins to piece together some disturbing facts about several other deaths.  A pattern has emerged—not only have a number of people died unexpectedly at young ages—they tend to be people in authority positions—not at all unlike Chris.

When Chris takes a turn for the worse and it looks like he could die from the mysterious illness, the couple has to dig and dig quickly.  Will they find the killer before he … or she … finds them?

I really enjoyed Jo Davis’s Firefighter series set in Sugarland, Tennessee and had great expectations for the police side of town.  I’m not sure what happened between the earlier series and this one, but so far I’m not impressed.  There was so much more to the firefighters and it makes no sense that some of the passion and spark would be there for the police officers.  The first book, HOT PURSUIT, wasn’t bad.  It just didn’t hold my interest.  The same thing happened with book 2, IN HIS SIGHTS.  Cute kids don’t usually do it for me but I will say Maddy was a well done character – and wasn’t in the story just to have a kid involved – she was in integral part of the book.  She was age appropriate and not overly cutesy.  And I liked Robyn’s relationship with her daughter.  I just didn’t get the chemistry between Robyn and Chris.  It happened just too fast with no real reason why. 

Having every single character gorgeous and sexy is fine…but when not one is your average Joe or Josephine, not even the killer, the story seems to lose some of its credibility for me. 

Some of the police procedural aspects showed a lack of hands on research – a short interview with a local policy department would provide some better detail on a SWAT team entry and just when you’d use the battering ram.  Who knows, maybe they do go in cold in Tennessee.  It just didn’t work for me.

I keep hoping to see more of that great story telling Davis had in her firefighter series. 

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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