Saturday, November 1, 2014

ON SUNSET BEACH by Mariah Stewart

The Chesapeake Diaries Book 8
Ballantine Books
July 1st, 2014
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
obtained by Publisher via Netgalley
3.5 Hearts

Carly Summit is determined to do the best art show she can in order to showcase the previously unknown works of art her best friend Ellie Ryder discovered in her inherited house. Now faced with having the show not in New York City like she planned but in St. Dennis; she grumbles but determined to make it work. With her lists a mile long, Carly gets to work in making sure the Enright estate is suitable for the exhibit. What she doesn’t anticipate is meeting Ford Sinclair, when he comes to interview her for the paper. Sparks flying between them, Carly and Ford try to figure out where their relationship is going even when a late night phone call has Ford racing out to Africa, Carly is afraid his past will be stronger than the love growing between them.

I got to admit ON SUSNSET BEACH was an intriguing read and I always love it when the secondary characters come out of the woodwork to get reacquainted with readers. This is a perfect book to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon and one you will just fall in love with. With a few sub-plot lines going on, Ms. Stewart weaves a spell around the reader and keeps the reader guessing with the ‘will they or won’t they’ relationship between Carly and Ford. The writing is smooth with a few plot twists to keep the reader glued to the pages.

so enjoyable are the characters. There are many we have already met in past books and a few new ones that leave me hankering for another installment in this wonderful little town. The characters are well written, entertaining and quite diverse. The secondary characters keep the story moving along nicely and there were a few scenes that left me giggling like mad over so me of their antics.

ON SUNSET BEACH is pure fun and with some magical moments between Carly and Ford, the reader is treated to a story that is about finding love where you least expect it. Add in some magic from Grace, whom we met in earlier books, well lets just say things get downright interesting. I can’t wait to see where the author goes next for this series and hope we won’t be waiting long for the next book in the series.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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