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VIPERS RUN by Stephanie Tyler

Skulls Creek #1
Signet, July 2014
Obtained via:  publisher
045147046X (ISBN13: 9780451470461)
Contemporary Romance
** ½

The first Skulls Creek book from Stephanie Tyler, VIPERS RUN, is an unlikely pairing between a motorcycle riding ex-Army Ranger and a wealthy women running from her past.

Vipers Motorcycle Club member and ex-Army Range Cage Owens lives outside the law, protecting his club members and keeping rival club members out of his hometown, Skulls Creek.  When Cage ends up shot and dying, he calls a private investigator Army buddy for help, but instead gets Calla.  That call ends up sending Calla running toward Skulls Creek and Cage with someone hot on her trail trying to silence her.

Stephanie Tyler’s VIPERS RUN is such an unlikely pairing that this reader picked up this book simply to see how on earth this pairing could possibly end up happily ever after.  But after reading this story front to back, I am left still wondering how a happily ever after could possibly still be on the horizon for this unlikely pair of lovers.

VIPERS RUN is fast paced and full of action.  The characters are well developed and the storyline believable up to a point.  Cage, our hero, grew up in a motorcycle club and didn’t like the direction his life was headed so he turned to the Army to turn his life around, for a while.  Cage is now back to being part of a motorcycle club, but is determined to protect his club members and live a clean life.  After accidentally pulling Calla into his world, he knows it is up to him to protect her.

It was the instant trust and safety that Calla finds in this rough and hardened biker that made this story so difficult to believe.  This woman was sexually assaulted as a teenager and the man responsible is blackmailing her.  For her to have such an easy time trusting and relying on Cage is simply a stretch that this reader could not get past.  The other problem area for this reader was the confusing way the author went from Calla’s point of view to Cage’s and back again seemingly in the middle of a thought.  And while this reader was fairly sure that Cage would find a way to extricate Calla from the mess of his life and somehow take care of her problems to boot by the end of the story, I never really found myself hoping for these two characters to end up together.  In fact, had they gone their separate ways at the end of the story, future books in this series might have had a much better chance at being anticipated.  When these two incredibly unlikely characters ended up riding off into the sunset together, this reader put this series down and is unlikely to pick up future installments.

For fans of the motorcycle club way of life and a high tension mismatched romance, VIPERS RUN may be just the book for you, but for this reader it simply fell far short.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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