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GHOST SEER by Robyn D. Owens

Book One in Series
Berkley Sensation
April 1st,2014
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
4 Hearts

For Clare Cermak, her inheritance from her eccentric aunt includes more than just money and things, she also gets the ability to communicate with ghosts. Yep, that doesn’t sit well with logical Clare at all. So as she tries to deny her newfound gift for seeing and communicating with the dead from the old west, she is dodging a ghost dog bent on helping her with her gift and her attraction to former lawman Zack Slade.But Clare needs his help when former gunman from the old west demands her help. Can Clare get a handle on her new gift as well as her attraction to Zach before the danger that is stalking her gets her in its grasp?

I love this author’s work and when I saw she had a new series centered on Old West and ghosts, I just had to try it. GHOST SEER introduces the reader to Clare, Zach and many others that will literally draw you in and keep you highly entertained till the very end. The story flows nicely and introduces some intriguing characters that left me eager for more from them. This is a writer who knows her era very well. I loved the passages that had those old west ghosts describing their era and deaths. Each time I read one of those I was transported to that time. The world building is amazing and quite detailed, which I loved. But it’s the mix of characters that intrigued me the most. The main characters are flawed yet enjoyable, the secondary characters are interesting yet didn’t steal the story from Clare and Zach and all were well written.

Meet Zach and Clare. Both had sudden changes in their lives yet neither one seemed to grasp that they needed to accept those changes in order to move on. Zach took awhile for me to enjoy as a hero. He was a bitter, disillusioned man who wallowed-A LOT! In the beginning I almost didn’t care for his attitude even when he started seeing paranormal things that he just ignored and his constant bitterness was often a downer but once the story started moving along, he started to grow on me. He began to see his life towards the end was a good thing now even if it wasn’t what he was before. That right there turned him from an ass to a redeemable hero in my opinion. Clare on the other hand had a better time at accepting things especially with a little help from Enzo, the ghost dog and learning the rules of her new gift. She was a better heroine in my book because she didn’t accept things right away; she fought it and then accepted it once she knew she could do some good for the ghosts. Enzo was a perfect side kick to my thinking. He had some humorous moments that had a smile on my face. The attraction between Zach and Clare was instant and I loved how these two characters stuck together even as their logical minds kept saying to them this isn’t real.

GHOST SEER is a fun filled romp that will leave you eager for more. The ending is just open enough to show there are more adventures for Zach, Clare and Enzo in the future and I for one am eager for them. I look forward to seeing where this author goes in this series and look forward to reading those books. This is one entertaining read from start to finish.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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