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LETTING GO by Molly McAdams


Thatch Series Book One
William Morrow
November 1st, 2014
Contemporary, New Adult
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
2.5 Hearts

Grey and Ben fell for one another at age thirteen but life would throw them a curveball when Ben died just days from his wedding to Grey. Grey is devastated at the loss of Ben and worries everyone as she just moves through life in a haze of grief. Until her other best friend, Jagger, shows her that she has the strength to go on even as he keeps his heart and love for Grey a secret. But when Grey finds out that Jagger has loved her forever, can she move past the heartache of losing Ben to see that loving Jagger is not a betrayal of their love for one another but might be something Ben would have wanted for Grey?

Okay I got to admit I like Molly McAdams books at times. They can be thought provoking, heartbreakingly wonderful and other times so steeped in clichés and other annoying angst that I have a hard time finishing the book. On one hand it is heartbreaking and emotional and other times it is the whole ‘come on already, stop waffling’. I just couldn’t figure out if I loved it or hated it. All I can come up with is that it was an okay book that had some good moments and some really over long moments that just bored me. The story has promise…if it would be in a novella length instead of novel length. The story would have been more of an impact on me if it was shorter, had the long overly tedious passages cut out and other items that just lost my interest in LETTING GO at times. The other thing I didn’t care for was the constant POV shifts that the author does in her books. It felt like a tennis match at times as I tried to keep up with the two points of views that kept changing each chapter. Sometimes an author does a great job in capturing that dual point of view in a story but here it was just a distraction and a turn-off.

The characters themselves had their moments to shine but for the most part, spent time doing the whole “will I or won’t I?” question. I just couldn’t get into Grey at all. She spent most of the book grieving to the point of it borderline melodrama and making me wish she would just get on with her life. We never really meet Ben except in passing and from other people. That right there was hard for me to invest into a relationship between Grey and Ben. What little was said had me wondering what was the point of it all. Jagger was just boring and content to watch his best friend get the girl and the HEA. He was a character that just sat around, never made a life for him or anything while watching Grey and Ben’s happiness on the offside. I would have liked these two characters more if they grew with the story and as a person. Yes, you can grieve but sooner or later life will kick you in the pants and says wake up and move on. That doesn’t mean I begrudge Grey her grief just that it was quite tedious to read over and over again. The relationship between these two was quite uneven and at times as well, I felt like they needed a wake-up call of some kind. Life is meant to be living, not just plodding along until the day ends and another starts.

The pacing of LETTING GO was uneven and at times disjointed. It felt like the author has a check list of what to put in the book and made darn sure they did it all regardless if the story needs it or not. That was the deal breaker right there for me in this latest by Molly McAdams. With LETTING GO, the author has a great premise and with the right characters and storyline it would have been a great read but with uneven pacing, storyline clichés and a lack of character development, LETTING GO was a major disappointment to this reader. I am not sure if I will pick another of this author’s books up in the future because the last few just have not given me anything to rave about.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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