Tuesday, February 3, 2015


A Love Means… Story
Dreamspinner Press
January 16th, 2015
Contemporary Fiction MM
Reviewed by Dawn (love2read28@gmail.com)
Obtained by Self-purchase
5 Hearts

Geoff and Eli have been together for ten years and between a thriving farm and raising their son, Jake, life has been good to them. Until Eli begins to feel tired, then collapses, Geoff is frantic to find the answer to Eli’s condition. But both are unprepared to hear the dreaded C word- cancer and with it, life as they knew it halts fast. Life becomes a series of treatments, never-ending doctor visits and with so many people depending on them, both men are pulled to the brink but with their family and friends beside them, Geoff and Eli will find they have the strength to fight not just the cancer but also for their love.

Andrew Grey delivers his final book in his much loved Love Means… series that introduced us to Eli and Geoff in the very first book, Love Means…No Shame and continues with each book there after, with different characters but always centered around Eli and Geoff as well as the farm. I fell in love with these two right from the beginning and with this final book, I found myself crying, laughing and smiling all through the book. This author is one my favorites to read when I need that pick me up or to revisit with some beloved characters that are like family to me. A master storyteller, Mr. Grey delivers a story that just weaves a spell around you right from the beginning. The characters are well written, multidimensional and literally steal your heart. I can’t say how many times I sniffled or cried while reading Eli and Geoff’s fight against cancer or how I smiled at Jake’s scenes when he was being such a delight amid the storyline. This is an author who just lets his characters shine in a story and let them tell you the tale while unbeknownst to you, stealing your heart, piece by piece.

LOVE MEANS…ENDURANCE is a story that is full of heart, fight and ultimately about family. Family is more than blood, it’s what and who you make it. Eli and Geoff have made their family complete and with the cancer it is rocked to the core but it was a fun to see how their family pulled together to give these two wonderful characters the support they needed. Mr. Grey is an author who delivers stories with heart and full of characters that you can’t help but fall in love with. As sad as I am that this beloved series is ending, I was thrilled to see so many familiar and wonderful returning characters help Eli and Geoff face this fight. Sweet, touching and just plain enjoyable, LOVE MEANS…ENDURANCE is a story that a reader will enjoy. Just words of warning…get those tissues ready because I can guarantee you will need them!

If you enjoy captivating characters, simmering romance that steals your heart and stories that touch the soul then you need to grab the Love Means series by this author. You won’t be disappointed! Now all I can ask my favorite author is, what do you got coming next?

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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