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VENGEANCE BORN by Kylie Griffin

A Novel of the Light Blade Book One
Berkley Sensation
February 7th, 2012
Paranormal/Fantasy, Mystery/Thriller Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by self-purchase
4 hearts

There is no mercy in the demon realm and for half-breed daughter of the Na’Reish leader, Annika, is about to find that her life is about to get complicated. When she finds out a light blade warrior is imprisoned in her father’s dungeon, she finds that her dreams of escape just might come true…if Kalan, the light blade warrior, will just trust her enough to get him out of the Na’Reish territory alive.  But Annika must put her trust in the human who is hiding a secret, one that could destroy t he fragile trust between them. With enemies all around them, can Kalan and Annika forge a strong enough bond in order to have the change they need to survive? Or will it all be for naught as the humans’ race into civil war?

Wow is all I got to say when I picked up VENGEANCE BORN. What I thought would be a fairly entertaining read was more than I bargained for and in a good way too! The world building this author does is subtle, complex and so wonderful I was blown away by it all. The complexities of each race- human, Na’Chi and Na’Reish -are described in a way that it doesn’t feel like it is information dumping but part of the storyline as Kalan and Annika try to understand one another’s people. With the right amount of mystery, action and a bit of romance, the author delivers a wild ride from the first page to the last. I loved the connection these two forge and it wasn’t rushed as the reader is treated to the dance of a relationship between them. The characters are also so well written you could hope to see them on the street or meet them for coffee. The reader is enchanted with the many different characters- from humans to Na’Chi to Na’Reish. I loved that you didn’t need a scorecard to figure out who was what and there was just enough secondary characters to keep things moving along nicely.

Meet Kalan and Annika. Kalan is a light blade warrior and hates all demons as that is how he was brought up. Annika has never known acceptance or love as her demon father raped her light blade mother and she was always told she was bred for vengeance only and only tolerated if that among the Na’Reish. These two shouldn’t have been a perfect match but they are just perfect for one another. Both give the other something they are missing-love, acceptance, trust, etc and as these two journeys towards acceptance between Na’Chi and humans, they find that their hearts are engaged as well. Can Kalan forge an unbreakable bond with Annika as enemies within the humans and outside in the Na’Chi and Na’Reish so they can work towards peace or will it all come crashing down among them? These two are so entertaining it was a delight to root for them. I loved how these two learned from one another and tried to build their fragile trust into something more. The character building in this first book of the light blades was quite enjoyable and unexpected. All the characters-main ones as well as secondary ones-were multi-dimensional and moved the story along nicely.

VENGEANCE BORN is a wildly entertaining story that debuts a new twist on the paranormal/fantasy genre that completely captivated me and made me eager for more. I am eager to see where this author goes in her Light Blade series and can’t wait to read book two. I highly recommend it to those liking something a bit different in their paranormal/fantasy genre.

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