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OWNING VIOLET by Monica Murphy

The Fowler Sisters Book One
December 2nd, 2014
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3.5 Hearts

Ryder McKay is ruthless as he is mysterious. He can be charming, sexy as sin and has a hidden agenda that will shake the foundations of Violet’s world. But when he inds that Violet is much more than the prim and proper daughter of the boss, will Ryder try to win her heart even as he plays his games with her?

Violet Fowler is the middle daughter, the one who smoothes things over and is dutiful, buttoned up and just a bit prim. When her boyfriend cheats one too many times, she finds herself falling for Ryder, a man who stirs something dark and delicious inside her. What starts out as sexy fun turns to something deeper each time Ryder and Violet come together. But when Ryder’s plan comes out, can Violet find a way to forgive him even as she loses her heart to the rogue?

Wow is all I can say after reading OWNING VIOLET. This is one sinfully hot book to read so I recommend having your significant other or cold water nearby to help cool you down. Monica Murphy introduces the Fowler sisters in OWNING VIOLET and I got to admit I was quite intrigued by this first book. The writing was tight, story moved smoothly and at a nice even pace with a few twists I didn’t see coming. I really thought this author’s character development shined. Her characters are quite well-written, life like and very enjoyable to read. With each page I was drawn more into this world that the author created, eager to see just what Ryder had up his sleeve for Violet even as Violet stole his heart right from under him. There were a few bumps along in the relationship of Ryder and Violet that helped keep things moving and it does end up all right in the end even if I wanted more of a fall out from Ryder’s plan in regards t o Violet. I just felt the story needed a little bit more conflict in order to move onto the next part satisfactorily. A few storylines were started yet never addressed completely in OWNING VIOLET which perturbed me a bit. It felt like the author just started something and never finished it. Maybe it will tie it up in the next two books though I am not sure on that aspect.

In the battle between lust, power and love, who will come out the winner? One or both people. That is the theme I got from OWNING VIOLET as both characters-Ryder & Violet- found their inner strength even as secrets, lies and games explode between them causing heartache and more around them . This is a great new series from Ms. Murphy and I cannot wait to see where she goes next with the sisters. Will it be Rose or Lily next in the crossfire? I am definitely a new fan of t his author’s now after reading this one. If you are looking for a hot read on a cold winter’s night then grab OWNING VIOLET and settle in for some major fireworks, sexy times and a love worth fighting for. Because as Violet and Ryder find out, Love can heal the most shattered of hearts…if they trust in it that is.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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